Why Wearing Mens Dog Tags Are In Fashion

There are many men who are looking for accessories that will complement their outfits and personality. Men want a simple and subtle approach when it comes to wearing jewelry. Some men prefer the simple designs of military dog tags and that is why dog tags have evolved into mainstream men’s fashion. For those who are curious about this fashion trend, this article will solve some of the questions that a man might have on his mind regarding dog tags.

Military personnel started wearing dog tags in the 1940s and it was used for the purpose of identification.. It is also a way to identify the deceased by looking at the dog tag that he was wearing. A dog tag is engraved with the name, service, blood type and even the religious belief. There are two dog tags that are given to every military personnel; one is for his neck and it stays there even if he dies and the other one is with his belongings and will be taken to the branch of military where he is designated in the unfortunate event that he dies.

The fashion industry has introduced dog tags into the mainstream. Many celebrities are wearing them as jewelry and fashion accessories. Some men like to wear them because it represents masculinity because of its original use is in military. There are many people who wear dog tags because of its simplistic approach to fashion. However, keep in mind that the ones being bought in boutiques will not pass as the original military dog tag and it is for decorative purposes only.

One can customize his dog tag necklace by selecting from a range of jewelry stores and telling them the design that you want to put on it. You can choose the color, size, engraving, type of metal and even the number of dog tags that you put in a chain. It is recommended that when you buy this accessory, choose stainless steel as the type of metal that you want to use because it does not tarnish and it will not give you any allergic reactions because it is hypoallergenic.

Many people are buying dog tags because it can be customize to fit one’s personality. There are a lot of designs to choose from and numerous materials that are available to the public to use for customization.

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