Why the Angel Juicer is a Great Choice for a Versatile Juicing Machine

There are many excellent fruit and vegetable juicers on the market, but very few can approach the build quality and performance of the Angel juicer. This is a seriously powerful juicer, aimed at the consumer who demands the best and doesn’t want to compromise on quality. With the Angel juicer you can do much more than just make fruit and vegetable juices. Below are some of the interesting things that this machine can do.

Before we go on, let’s just say the Angel can juice absolutely anything. This includes things like barley grass, and wheat grass. This is unusual, because most electric juicer machines struggle to juice these ingredients. This is important if you want to go on a detox diet, which may be using wheat grass juice as a natural ingredient.

Another interesting thing to do is to make your own nut butter at home. You do this by simply processing any sort of nut, such as peanuts cashews, or anything similar through the machine. Instead of juice you will get freshly crushed and delicious spread, which can be used as a snack or, in your cooking. Unlike commercial products, freshly made nut butter is quite healthy.

If you dislike using dairy products, or are intolerant to milk, use the Angel juicer to make your own soy milk at home. This is as easy as soaking and preparing soya beans, and then running them through the juicer. You can make as much delicious soy milk as you want, whenever you want.

As you can see this is a very versatile juicer machine. Although it is quite expensive, the Angel is well suited to anybody who likes high quality appliances and wants to make all their own health foods at home. With a 10 year warranty, the Angel juicer is unlikely to cause you any problems for a long time.

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