What You Should Include and Not Include in Your Breastfeeding Diet

It is advisable to keep your breastfeeding diet healthy and nutritional to both the production of the breast milk and the well being of the nursing mother. Following this there are some major components which are not advisable to be present in the baby’s breast milk hence you as a nursing mom should avoid consuming them. First, smoking of cigarettes, it is very obvious that nicotine will be passed directly to your baby via breast milk.

For those moms who find it difficult to eliminate cigarettes, they should then come up with a smoking schedule which ensures that there is ample time for such traces of nicotine to be positively reduced in the milk. Secondly, you a nursing mom should avoid the consumption of alcohol, just as nicotine alcohol also passes through breast milk in to the baby’s blood stream which can adversely affect the baby’s growth.

Thirdly, avoid consuming medicines without a specialist’s prescription, especially for those moms who want to lose weight while breastfeeding, they may take some medication to help them break down the fats. In addition as a nursing mother it will be better to keep off contaminating substances such as insecticides and repellents which are harmful.

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Apart from all these, there are still other things you should consider necessary for you breastfeeding diet. As a nursing mother you should continue taking your prenatal vitamins and also take zinc supplements. Make sure that you maintain a consumption of at least 1200 milligrams of calcium a day, you can successfully achieve this by taking necessary supplements, foods such as dairy products and raw vegetables can provide calcium for your body. Generally you should make sure that your breastfeeding diet is well equipped with all nutritional contents for a quality milk production for the newborn baby.

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