What To Put Under A Plasma TV Mount


If you have purchased a plasma TV, and you have elected to place it on a mount, rather than in a bracket, then you might be asking yourself, “What should I put under that plasma TV mount?” You might discover your answer by visiting the CB2 web site.

The CB2 web site has posted information about and pictures of the company’s “peekaboo tables.” The catalog description for these tables reads as follows: “Now you see it; now you don’t.” Each table was formed from a piece of transparent plastic. That plastic piece has been shaped to form a unique sort of structure. It is a piece of furniture with two long open sides, two short closed sides, one rectangular table top and one rectangular bottom shelf.

The top of the table can hold a 40 inch flatscreen TV. Normally, such a large item would be difficult to ignore. It would really make its presence felt. However, in the case of the peekaboo table, the transparent nature of what has been placed under your large TV set fails to add bulk to the room. Instead, it makes it look as though your television can just “float” above the floor.

The summer catalog with a picture of this transparent table shows a large sectional grouping adjacent to the plasma television screen. A group of modular seats has provided residents and guests in one home with the ability to sit together, while viewing the not so mall screen. Colorful pillows dot the back of those dark gray sectional pieces.

One alpha floor lamp provides light for anyone who fails to take an interest in what is playing on the TV screen. That bored soul can take advantage of the great reading light, and can peruse some printed material. A coffee table bench can hold any tray of appetizers, a tray that should provide food for both readers and TV viewers.

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