What to Look for in an Electric Bike

If you’re thinking about purchasing an electric vehicle you have a wide variety to choose from. Today, there are electric mopeds, electric bikes, electric scooters. The most popular of the three are the electric bicycles. Electric bikes have actually been around for almost a century and they have undergone radical changes in the last 15 years. For example, the motors on the back rear wheel are now more powerful and dependable than they ever were before. One of the reasons for this is because they have improved the technology of the electric motor by going from a brush motor which has a lot of parts to a rationalist motor which has fewer.

Not only have the electric motors changed considerably but the batteries themselves have changed quite a bit. If you look at most of the batteries 20 years ago they were all they are considered to be lead-based batteries. Lead-based batteries were very popular over the last 50 years because they were very cheap however, there were harder to charge up, and were much heavier than some of the newer batteries today. About the only advantage of having the lead-based batteries was the fact that in very cold weather they performed much better than the newer batteries do today.

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So, to think you must consider when you buy the electric bicycle and that is the batteries and the motor most of all.  I guess you could consider the motor the heart of the electric bicycle while the batteries are like the blood of the vehicle. Both parts are extremely important and play a role that is vital to the electric bike.

When you’re looking at the electric motor you need to be concerned with the wattage of the electric bicycle. If you have a higher wattage of course electric bicycle will be much more powerful, if you have a weaker wattage of course it will go much lower. Most electric bicycles run in the 400 to 800 W range. While 700 Watts is very powerful and if you go over 750 Watts your electric bicycle may be considered a regular motorized vehicle and you will have to have it licensed and registered.

These are the two most important things that you need to think about when you consider buying electric bicycle. Make sure that you take all the time you have to to educate yourself on these important vehicles before you make a decision to buy one.

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