What Swimsuit is Best for My Body: Your Guide to Swimsuit Shopping

Before you start looking for that perfect skimpy swimwear, it is essential to understand your body type. Ask yourself what swimsuit is best for my body before actually buying a new pair. Keep in mind that different body types call for different swimsuit styles. Here is a quick guide to help you choose the perfect swimwear according to your body type.

The Apple Type Body Shape

If you have broad shoulders, a larger breast for your frame, and generally have a larger upper frame than your bottom, then you fall into  the apple type body. With this type of body, avoid those low cut tops and go instead for suits with thick straps  – or any design that can securely support your chest area. Tankinis are perfect for this type of body.

The Pear Shaped Body

If your upper body is smaller than your bottom, you have a pear shaped body. You have large thighs and hips and when you gain weight, it will show around these areas. If you have this type shape and you ask what are the best bathing suits for pear shaped women, try boy shorts or suits with a skirt. The bottoms should always be darker than the tops. Remember that color block swimsuits which can help you look slimmer.

The Round Shaped

This is another very common type of body since many women at some point, experience natural changes in their body. Round shaped bodies have narrow hips and shoulders and don’t have a well defined midsection. Generally, your waistline is the largest part of your body. You have large breasts and even wear plus size clothes. This type generally calls for one piece swimsuits with prints and patterns. Tummy control swimsuits can also work wonders, just like high cut legs that make your entire body look longer.

The Hour Glass

This is the most sought after type of body. The waist is well proportional with the hips and breasts.  When you turn sideways, visualize an S-shaped profile, just like Jessica Simpson’s. In short, this is considered the “model’s body”.  Any swimsuit style will generally work well with this body type – and you are lucky enough to sport even one of the micro swimsuits for women.

The Slim and Athletic Type

Generally, bodies with this type have smaller frames with little or even no curves. Women with this type have small bone structures. If you have this type, you can look good when you wear a two piece swimsuit. However, stick with solid designs and less detailed styles for a smooth appearance.

There are generally various types of swimsuit for every body type. So before you buy your swimsuit this summer, ask yourself first what swimsuit is best for your body.

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