What Difference Can You Make with Nursing Assistant CNA Training?

Most of the people who decide to go into the nursing profession do so out of a heartfelt desire to help others, and ‘make a difference.’ Nursing, which gives one the opportunity to help people in hours of their greatest need, and when they are going through the most helpless phases of their lives, is seen as one of the best professions for one to ‘make a difference.’ It is widely accepted that the quality of nursing care one receives often turns out to be what makes a difference between simply dying off and recovering from an illness.

It is from such a background that as a person considering pursuing CNA training, which prepares you to be a nursing assistant, you may find yourself wondering as to how much opportunity to make a difference that role offers. Maybe you can’t or don’t want to go the whole LPN nursing training route. But the truth of the matter is that, if there is one person in the nursing field who has a real opportunity to comfort patients in those difficult phases of their lives, and therefore make a true mark in their lives, then that has to be the nursing assistant (who is formed through CNA training).

As it turns out, the other more senior nurses (such as RNs and LPNs) – especially in today’s fast-paced healthcare system, are usually engaged in the ‘more technical’ aspects of nursing, rather than the individual patient care roles we would traditionally have termed as ‘nursing.’ They spend too much time in essential roles such as ward supervision, medication of patients and so on; to the extent that, like the doctors, the one-on-one time they get to spend with patients is very limited. It is the nursing assistant who gets to feed the patients, talk with them, comfort them, clean for them…and do such other roles that give context for displays of empathy and sympathy which the patients often need so much.

Arguably then, if there is one nursing training that gives you a truly good opportunity to help patients at an individual level, and make a real difference in their lives, then that has to be the Certified Nursing Assistant training. Someday you can look back on your career and know that in addition to providing an income for yourself, you have served literally hundreds or maybe thousands of people in some of their most difficult times.

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