Wenger Swiss Watches Stand Test Of Time

A genuine Wenger watch is made by the company that crafted the famous Swiss Army Knife. Using the same utility principles as the multi-function pocket knife, a Wenger Swiss watches are designed for rugged terrain, water and outdoor activities.

Company History

In 1889, every soldier in the Swiss Army required a versatile tool that operated as a knife, screwdriver, can opener and reamer. Initially, a German factory made the army knife until a Swiss company, Victorinox, could mass produce the tool. Four years later, another Swiss firm, Paul Boechat Cie, also contracted with the army. The cutlery manufacturer eventually built a new plant to accommodate the knife orders.

Theodore Wenger, originally from the United States, became Boechat’s general manager in 1897. Wenger eventually bought the company, changed its name and oversaw its growth for more than four decades. The company became the Swiss Armys official supplier in 1908, advertising its knives as the genuine Swiss Army knife.

Wenger branched out product development to offer outdoor gear, footwear and travel accessories. In the late 1980s, the company turned its attention to develop a collection of watches, with its first watch to hit the consumer market in 1997. In 2005, Victorinox purchased its once former rival but Wenger continues to act as an independent subsidiary. Today, hundreds of thousands of Wenger watches are sold annually in North America alone.

Genuine Swiss Made

Wenger has watches for men and women, all featuring durability and water resistance. The Swiss quartz movement ensures accuracy to fractions of a second. Watches are rugged enough to take on rafting trips, swimming or hiking excursions, yet stylishly designed for work meetings and nightlife.

The watch is sold under different brand names including GST and Mountaineer. A Wenger Swiss military watch features a silver stainless steel band with a variation available in a beige leather and nylon band. Less expensive than its Swiss competitors, a Wenger watch is a popular choice for athletic and practical types.

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