Want To Enjoy Your Wedding? Here’s A Wedding Poses Checklist That Works

You’ve got enough to do planning your wedding without stressing about what photographs you need to tell your photographer to take. I’ve been a wedding photographer for coming up for 10 years now and have a pretty good system for this which I hope you like. It makes sure the photographer knows that they’re doing, but gives them some freedom to get on with it, and won’t take up your whole day.

It’d be nice if you’ve got a bit of time to enjoy yourself with you friends and family rather than being pushed from pillar to post for photos.

1. The Formals

Try to limit the number to around 10 shots, involving parents, siblings, grandparents, and the groomsmen and bridesmaids, perhaps finishing with a shot of everyone. This is going to take 20-30 minutes, which I find makes sure everything stay really fun, and you can totally see that in the pictures. If things go on for too long, the photos just lack sparkle because people get bored and frankly could do with a drink.

2. Informal Groups

To help keep the number of formal groups down, why not give your photographer a list of some other groups you might like, say the bride and her girlfriends, the father of the groom with all his brothers, or an important aunt with her family. The photographer can get these over the course of the whole day, the people involved will still feel special, but the photos won’t be so similar, all shot at the same time in the same location as the formal groups.

3. List Of Important People

Provide a list of all the important guests coming on the day, so your photographer knows not to miss any of those out.

4. Leave It At That

If you’ve employed a good photographer, trust them to get all the key moments in the day rather than writing it out for them. When I’ve been given a list like that, I’m kind of obliged to work my way through it. As a result, I miss loads of lovely natural stuff happening and get less shots overall.

I hope that’s enough to help get things going. The photography is important to remember your wedding by, but it’s only a part of the day. Make sure you have time enough to have an amazing day…

If you want to check out a full list of suggested formal shots, and some more detailed notes about it, please click here to have a look at my site.

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