Two Kinds of Avent Breast Milk Storage Systems: Bags or Bottles

Avent has two variants of milk storage methods to choose from which are offered in various milk storage kits. The price difference is relatively the same.

The first type is the Avent breast milk storage bag. These are made of clear material to easily see through the product and monitor the amount of milk pumped and in during storage, it is easier to supervise its condition.

However, the milk stored inside this bag will have to be transferred to a bottle upon use. Some people may find this inconvenient and time consuming because instead of serving the stored breast milk directly from the freezer, it will take about 2 to 3 steps before the infant will be fed. The only advantage of this is that the pumped breast milk is secured and sterile.

The other method offered by Avent in storing pumped breast milk in bottle containers.

Unlike the milk storage bags, the bottle containers are ready from storage to serving the milk to the infant. To do this, you will need to place the nipple on the container and make sure that the bottle is sealed. It has been reported that the Avant breast milk storage container sometimes does not have a tight fit which causes the milk to leak.

As per advice, the right way to do it and avoid leakage is to seal while it is in an upright position on a sturdy and level surface. This way, the fit of the nipple on the bottle is secured.

Avent has offered the option of using the BPA free storage system in which, the bottles are manufactured free of chemicals that would possibly harm infants. These are uniquely designed in yellow colors to differentiate them from the ordinary Avent milk storage containers. The bottle breast milk storage containers are reusable for up to three times.

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