Too Many Cat Beds To Choose From!

There are so many different kinds of cat beds, the key is finding one that you think is attractive and your cat likes to spend time in. You could buy a really plush leopard skin print and pink bed for your spoilt feline female only to find it gathering dust in a corner. Many cats like to sleep in a donut shaped bed as it has high-ish sides and a lovely plush cushion inside. This makes for a very nice snug and warm place to sleep. Donut beds can be made from different materials. You can choose a wicker cat bed, bamboo, other wood or simply plush fleecy materials.

Other cat beds are designed to really spoil your pet and show him or her off as the majestic King or Queen that they are. If you have a little girl you can choose a pink cat bed that is really feminine or for a boy, choose an ultra male black or brown bed. You can buy cat beds in an array of different prints to go with your house décor.

Armarkat Cat Bed, 22-Inch Long

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The more comfortable, warm and cosy the bed is, the more likely it is that your pet will use it. If you have a few cats, buy a few beds so that they can curl up alone if they want or snuggle up with each other. You could buy a few small pet beds and place them under a radiator so that your cats have their own bed but can lay side by side in them.

Cats have extremely sensitive noses so will not like to spend time in a bed that gives off a harsh smell. Plastic beds are very tough and easy to keep clean but the smell will put a lot of cats off. If you can, choose a natural material for your cat to sleep on. The cushion should be washable, unless you choose a very cheap cat bed where you hoover it a few times then chuck it away. Cushions ideally will come with a cover that can be washed to get rid of grime, fleas, worms and any other undesirable detritus your cat loses on his bed. Fur will build up in the bed and make it dirty very quickly. Cushions that don’t have covers may still be washed but make sure you read the instructions.

Cats aren’t really that choosy about where they fall asleep but it is always good to provide them with their own bed and comfy corner that is warm and private to enable them to really chill out. Cats spend nearly 20 hours a day sleeping so treat yours to a lovely warm bed to do it in.

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