Tips on the Correct Use of an Oximeter

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Now that oximeters are made available in easy to use models, patients no longer had to rush to the hospital each time they needed to have their blood oxygen saturation levels monitored. Although oximeters for home use are simple to operate, several factors could affect their proper and accurate function. Listed below are helpful tips in using pulse oximeters for sale properly and effectively.

1. Read the manual

Not all oximeters have the same features or the same design so not all of them are easy to use. To eliminate confusion when first using your oximeter, make sure that you take time in reading the user’s manual. This will keep you from using the device inappropriately or making erroneous readings. The manual will also indicate how to properly clean and store your oximeter when not in use.

2. Do not use nail polish.

If you must use the oximeter to obtain a reading, especially if it’s a fingertip oximeter, make sure that your fingernail does not have nail polish. Nail color can impede the light sensors in the oximeter from determining the right ratio between oxygenated blood and deoxygenated blood, so that it results in an incorrect reading.

3. Using the oximeter in direct sunlight or direct light.

Since the oximeter makes use of light sensors in order to arrive at a correct reading, these sensors should not encounter disruptions while the device is being used. One of the most common disruptions is intense lighting, especially in the case of a brightly illuminated room or in direct sunlight. Before taking a reading therefore, make sure that the room is not in direct sunlight or in direct illumination from artificial lighting sources.

The correct use of your oximeter is just as essential as choosing a good model. This will ensure a quick and accurate reading, particularly in emergency medical situations.

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