The Weber Genesis S320 Home Gas Grill for Your Backyard

If you take home barbecue seriously and you want the best food for your family, then Weber is the way to go. They have a numerous grills in their line of great home barbecues, and perhaps the Genesis S320 is the best. You can’t beat quality Weber construction and ultimate performance that will deliver wonderful culinary memories.

This is much more than a simple barbecue, it will become a part of your home and backyard, and a valuable contributor to wonderful family memories. Like many other Weber products, chances are this one is going to last you for years and that means you get full value even though it has a high initial purchase price. Not everyone will be eager to spend $1000 on a new gas grill, but it might actually be more cost effective if the alternative is constantly replacing cheaper models.

It’s Big!

The first thing you’ll notice about this product is its immense size as it definitely stands apart from standard gas grills. This is the type of barbecue that will come to dominate your backyard so you better make sure you have enough room for it. In terms of

appearance, it looks exactly what you would expect a traditional barbecue to look like. It has a rectangular frame and a rather simplistic exterior that somewhat misleadingly hides the potential cooking power inside. But all you have to do is fire it up before you realize exactly how much potential you’re working with.

It’s Fully Loaded!

The Genesis S320 comes fully loaded with three potent butane burners that are strategically placed along the bottom of the grill. Each burner comes attached to individual control which allows for precision temperatures for whatever you place on top of the grill. With a bit of configuration, there’s no reason why you can’t cook different types of food all at the same time, and you can even pump up the settings to create an outdoor oven effect.

Closing the lid effectively seals in the heat and traps in all of the wonderful flavor. Even more, Weber gas grills like these come complete with “flavorize” bars that effectively evaporate drippings of fat and send them back upwards. That means a double dose of flavor with authentic barbecue taste infused with the juice of whatever food your cooking. Big thick steaks are taken to a whole new level if you also use the sear station that will allow you to create a charbroil affect similar to what you would find in a professional restaurant.

You’ll appreciate the large cooking space you get with this Weber model and it far exceeds anything you could find with a standard charcoal grill. With over 500 square inches of cooking space plus a back warming rack, you can feed your entire family and several more. This is definitely a product for people who plan on cooking for large groups, and it’s going to be responsible for some pretty rocking parties with a long guest list of hungry friends.

The temperature control and amount of cooking space both combined to give you the ability to experiment with new dishes or bring traditional ones to life with spectacular results. Quite simply, this is a straightforward barbecue that packs a punch and you won’t find anything better in its price category.

Find more info at Amazon:

Weber 3780001 Genesis S-320 Propane Gas Grill, Stainless Steel

Weber 3880001 Genesis S-320 Natural Gas Grill, Stainless Steel

Weber 6521001 Genesis E-320 Liquid Propane Gas Grill, Black

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