The Reason Your Vertical Jump Is Limited

If you have tried weights, strength exercises, jumping your feet sour and plyometric exercises but have not seen a notable improvement in your vertical leap, there is definitely something you are doing wrong or you are not doing something enough. Many reasons can be attributed to your limited vertical and this article will attempt to find out why you are lacking in your vertical jump.

Reach your genetic potential

You have not reached your genetic maximum leap if you still jump less than 40 inches, but I must say that no one can jump this high by default, you have to work for it. Seeking to get high jumping results is where so many athletes and even coaches have a problem getting the right information about. However, the best advice I can give you is that you have to increase bit your strength and speed in order to boost your vertical leap.

There are of course other minor factors that go without saying for instance lowering your overall body weight if you have a few extra pounds and focusing on particular muscles that affect your vertical leap, specifically the leg, toe, heel, thigh, lower back and corer muscles.

Why is the training not working for you?

I can attribute your frustration to many things but on top of the list is doing the wrong exercises. Just because they are trying to increase their vertical jump, most people often assume that they need to do only vertical jump exercises which is not right. The most effective exercises, the plyometrics training exercises do not focus on height increase but making the muscles strong and swift, the vertical jump will come naturally.

Another thing to note is that unless you do the right exercises and you do them right, you will never attain your genetic maximum vertical. Know that the right exercises are short, explosive and done a few days a week, not lowly intensive, lasting for hours and done every day of the week.

Way forward

You can make changes in the way you work out, rest, eat and lead your life to boost your vertical leap. I suggest you get professional advice and guidance, a trainer is not necessary because you can get a vertical jump program that is developed, researched and written with people like you in mind. Your first weapon in increasing your vertical is having the right information and knowing how to use it. Also read about the jump manual for vertical leap.

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