The Features of Jewelry Organizer Trays

As a jewelry enthusiast, you deserve to have peace of mind when it comes to organizing your jewelry collection.  So that everything does not go wrong, you always have to continually monitor your organizer and make sure it can still accommodate incoming jewelry pieces.  They say that once a person starts collecting jewelry pieces, she will be likely to continuously add to her own collection from time to time.

The truth is, every jewelry connoisseur starts collecting precious items and storing them through different and individual jewelry boxes. However, since the collection is bound to increase year after year – unless you want a cardboard jewelry box – then perhaps it is time to buy jewelry organizer trays to accommodate more jewelry pieces in your jewelry set.

A jewelry organizer tray takes a similar resemblance of an ordinary jewelry box, except for the fact that it is made to accommodate more precious jewelry items like rings, earrings or necklaces.  There are many types of jewelry organizer based on different designs and styles and they are also categorized according to the type of jewelry item that they maintain and store.

For example, there is an exclusive jewelry organizer box or tray for earrings and another tray for different sets of earrings.  Not to forget, many jewelry trays are also elongated so as to store necklaces.  And what about a special area for your costume and antique costume jewelry? However, if you have a mix collection of jewelry then there are also jewelry trays that cater to this kind of storage needs – maybe you have various kinds of rings you want to store and sort. You can have a small compartment for silver rings, your ruby ring, those precious heart rings and those darling pearl rings.

As for the designs and style, jewelry trays surprisingly vary more that what you would expect.  There are ordinary jewelry trays available that can accommodate up to 15 different types of jewelry items and these organizers are likely to be slim and handy.   There are also jewelry trays that are in “stack form” such that the storage capacity can be rendered doubled or tripled depending how many stacks they are. The base tray usually holds the most precious jewelry items because they are hidden from view the moment you open the organizer and the ones on top are those that you frequently use so that you can easily access them.

Jewelry organizer trays are sometimes referred to as jewelry organizer systems, jewelry stacking organizer or jewelry compartment organizers, literally, because they form a system of stacking jewelry items in individualized compartments.  As for the interior design of the organizer trays, you are likely to come across with leather, rich velour interior or fine fabric so as to protect jewelry from scratches and scuffs.  There are smooth edges in every compartment but you can be assured that even if you brought this organizer on travel your jewelry pieces will always stay on their specific compartment to avoid kinks and twists.

A large selection of organizing trays to maintain and protect your jewelry is available in the home improvement sections of leading superstores.  Some of these organizers are also available in jewelry stores.

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