The Cute Little Black Dress – So Versatile

Ahhh the cute little black dress! The one dress every woman should have as it is a staple – a must in every closet! You cannot have one too many of these – but do leave out space for other articles of clothing – you do not want to become Morticia Addams, right? A little tip: if you have to buy the dress, buy the most simple one you can find! This piece will prove to be the most versatile one and the easiest to wear during rush events. A cheap little black dresses for women that are simple can do a lot for the wardrode.

This article of clothing must flatter and fill you in all the right places. However, there are just some types of women who never fit in anything – because they are too skinny! And it’s not their choice! Also, because they have better priorities in life so they do away with the next best option – hand me downs or the thrift store. So should these girls be condemned to ill – fitting clothes? Of course not! You know what, you can always reconstruct!

If you are cursed – like me – with a rather small frame even if you eat a lot (boo!) minor adjustments is the way to go such as tapering around the bust and waist lines, add the armhole if your dress has sleeves. The ugly dress has more issues to be addressed.

Decide the parts of the dress that you can chop away – sleeves, the hem line is too long, glittery – scarfy things – anything! If you are great with scissors, dare to change the neckline and make it a bit more mature, or spice things up by adding delicate pieces of lace for a mini – cover up around the shoulders. There are many things that can be changed such as the way the skirt falls over and the addition of various embellishments to add pizzazz and drama to your overall look.

Of course with the little black dress you have the option to wear it simple just like a delicate, sophisticated lady, or glam it up more like an A – list Hollywood actress with the right choice of jewelry and accessories. Dare to go to independent craftsmen rather than department store brands for a more unique look. For a more fun and girly air, go for a purse with loud and bold colors.

Actually, with accessories you can both glam up black dresses or dress down for more casual activities. Of course, a great smile is the perfect addition for a polished look anytime, anywhere.

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