The Basics of Golf Clubs Equipment

Golf club equipment consists of a variety of materials to meet the playing needs of all golfers. A set of clubs are made from wood and metals such as titanium, steel, and graphite. The materials used in golf club manufacturing today make them lighter to swing and more forgiving than in the past. This means the golfer doesn’t always have to hit the “sweet spot” to have a sweet shot.

A golf club set consists of woods, irons, and a putter. A golfer can carry no more than 14 clubs. Most golfers carry three woods, a driver, a fairway wood and a trouble shooting wood. Many amateur women and senior players find it easier to hit woods or hybrids, a club made from melding wood and metal materials, and will often carry an entire set of woods.

Irons have graphite or steel shafts and are numbered 1-9 with each number indicating the length and loft of the club. A 1 club is rare and few golfers can hit it. As the numbers go up, the 2, 3, and 4 clubs are designed to hit longer shots and have more of a loft angle on the clubface to get the ball into the air. The 5, 6, 7, and 8 clubs are used for mid-range shots and the 9 club falls into a category with wedges. A wedge is an iron that is used to scoop the ball from a short distance to the green and minimize roll on the green. Pitching wedges and sand wedges are referred to by the degrees of loft; a 60-degree wedge will provide more of an upward trajectory than a 50-degree club. The golf clubs equipment set is completed with a putter, which have many designs, blades and mallets are a few examples.

The lightweight materials used in golf clubs equipment make them user friendly for both children and adults of all playing levels. Golf club sets can be purchased as a ready to use or custom-made set at local sporting goods stores and pro shops.

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