The Basics Of Costume Jewelry

Costume jewelry are defined as less expensive jewelry that are normally gold or silver plated, and uses crystals and less expensive stones to create the effect of more expensive jewelry. Costume jewelry, started in the early 1930s, and were used to complement a certain costume or garment. Since then, costume jewelry has been used as if it was normal jewelry and because it is relatively inexpensive its popularity has only increased.

You must make sure to take care of your costume jewelry so it will last a relatively long time. It can be cleaned with a mild soap as well as water, or a jewelry cleaning solution that can be bought at any local jeweler. Be sure to take off your costume jewelry when you are washing dishes, or when showering, because submerging it in water will damage it.

The type of costume jewelry that is gaining in popularity the most in recent times is antique costume jewelry. Antique costume jewelry is defined as being older than 50 years, and it dates back to the 1930s to 50s. There are specialty shops that specialize in antique costume jewelry, and you can also look for these items at your local flea market. They are also antique costume jewelry vendors online review will be sure to get any type of antique costume jewelry that you desire will desire.

Costume jewelry may well be cheaper than regular jewelry, but for someone on a tight budget it can be a real lifesaver, because well made costume jewelry appears exactly like regular jewelry, and nobody will be able to tell the difference.

I hope I’ve convinced you to take a new look at costume jewelry, and consider that it is not as cheap and tacky as most people will make it out to be. It can be used to complement any type of outfit or garment as originally intended, or it can be worn as individual jewelry pieces just like normal jewelry.

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