The Age Of Portable 3D Scanners is Here!

Portable 3d scanners are a relief and a blessing from what we have been used so far and that is traditional scanners that requires tripods and an eye for strategic positioning. A portable 3d scanner provides ease of use and portability in a given environment. To appreciate this subject first you have to understand exactly what a 3d scanner is.

A three dimensional scanner is basically a device that analyzes an object to collect meaningful information such as shape, appearance, texture or color. The collected information enables imaging of three dimensional models useful for reverse engineering, industrial design, prototyping or for government use like forensics and custom duties.

A good hand-held 3d scanner uses laser technology, must be classified as safe to the eyes, captures data in full color, without any mechanical or bulky arms, and with consistent large scale photogammetry. Capturing data in full color provides the user with informative 3d visualization of concept models so that data is conceived as more realistic to the senses. Portable three dimensional scanner technologies must also be reliable for large parts inspection of extensive spaces like aircraft or automobiles.

Different fields like medical, forensics, and manufacturing can find a host of 3d scanning advantages. In forensics, experts are provided with an excellent 3d image with the object evidence remaining untouched and preserved. Lastly, it is ideal that the scanner is suited to a clientele’s specification and must be suited to their specific needs in the field.

The versatility of portable 3D scanning is unprecedented as it allows scanning in the tightest or restricted spaces in one continuous convenient scan. Where previously traditional or conventional scanners necessitate external positioning that must be within target line of sight, portable 3d scanning does away with it along with tedious post processing of stitching multiple scans into one related image. While every technology comes with its own set of limitations when it comes to probing an environment, a portable scanner can analyze a real world object with the same accuracy but only faster and easier.

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