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Jump Higher – Ways to Jumper Higher

The internet is replete with various people giving their advice and ideas on how to acquire the ultimate vertical jump. All seem to agree on one thing – training. Some say that building the upper body is just as important as the lower body. The reason for this is, with a strong upper body, a player (in basketball) is able to grab the ball on the rebound faster than a player who hasn’t concentrated on their upper body so much. To define exactly where the upper and lower body are, I would suggest that from the waist up is upper and the waist down – lower.

First let’s look at building up the muscle and agility of the upper body. The athlete must first set out to lose body fat. They are not going be able to maintain a vigorous game if they are toting a spare tire around their mid-section. The player must change his or her diet so that cholesterol build up is minimal. The kind of food to consume should be vegetables, fruits and so forth. Read the rest of this entry »

Goals – Ways to Increase Vertical Jump

Many of use have a goal in life, whether it is to learn a different language, travel and live in a foreign country for a few years or write a book. There is always something that most of us want to accomplish before we are placed in a pine box and lowered into the ground; or worse, cooked. Many women, it would appear, have a goal to lose body fat; although many will never achieve that particular quest.

Men, generally have goals but they tend to keep such things to themselves; not wanting to hear people say, “I knew you would amount to nothing!” Basketball players and perhaps cat burglars have a similar goal and that is to perfect the vertical jump. A burglar would like to be able to vertical jump so as to enter houses and other dwellings from the roof.

Mind you, that’s a very high jump. It is clear the basketball player and perhaps a circus performer would have any real need to jump straight up. The first thing one would have to do is lose body fat, as much as possible. The lighter a person is, the higher they can get – or so the professionals say. The professional basketball coaches and managers probably tell their players to slim down and stay off the booze, screaming words like, “I want you guys to lose body fat! When I see you next week, I want all of you looking like you’ve been fasting for a month, clear?” The players all nod and begin a week or six of starvation – all to perfect the vertical jump. Read the rest of this entry »

Ensure Safety While Learning Ways to Increase Vertical Jump

Safety is our top priority when learning how to increase one’s vertical jump. Certainly this kind of activity can pose a lot of risk; in fact all activities can be dangerous if it is not taken with great caution. Because such type of training would be very physical in nature, there should be certain guidelines that should be followed to insure safety at all times. I recommend following a vertical jump training program like the jump manual. Read the rest of this entry »

The Reason Your Vertical Jump Is Limited

If you have tried weights, strength exercises, jumping your feet sour and plyometric exercises but have not seen a notable improvement in your vertical leap, there is definitely something you are doing wrong or you are not doing something enough. Many reasons can be attributed to your limited vertical and this article will attempt to find out why you are lacking in your vertical jump. Read the rest of this entry »

Is The Jump Manual for Veritical Jump For Real?

The jump manual – what is it and does it really work? To answer the first concern, the Jump Manual is a marketed program that will teach you how you can increase your vertical leap in just a span of twelve weeks. As for the second concern, the answer is a huge YES! The jump manual does work with satisfaction guaranteed! Read on further and find out what this program has in store for you.

This eBook is written by professional trainer Jacob Hiller. Mind you, the author is not just some trainer, he is considered the best vertical explosion trainer there is and he is known not just in the US, but worldwide! He has also trained many athletes from Olympians to professional ball players. In his eBook, he will teach you how to workout all the muscle groups in your body which is used whenever you jump and if you train using his tried and tested principles, you are sure to give your jump height that added boost!

If you choose to purchase this program, you will get the whole package which includes charts, instructional videos, a vertical jump workout program and the jump manual workout as well. Not only that, the real beauty of this manual is the fact that you will get a one on one coaching from a seasoned coach – now have good is that! Just think about it, you have a professional trainer that will guide you and whom you can also share your ideas with to keep your motivations at high.

The program comes highly recommended and you can find many testimonials and claims of those people who have used it and reaped great results out of it. Bottom line here is that, if you want to get that edge over your opponents, then this manual can help you achieve just that – period! Go online and check it out now!

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