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How to Wear a Strapless Dress

One of the most sexiest dress options for a woman are the strapless dresses, well, simply because they show off more skin than your average threads. Depending of how you wear it, you can be quite a tease and a feast for the eyes while maintaning class and sophistication. No matter what your size is – from a full – figured woman to a slim lady – there is that one style that will instantly make you fashionable.

The most important aspect of a strapless dress is the length and style of its’ skirt. A short, wide skirt exudes a very retro feeling while a short, tight skirt gives off flirty fun. Not to mention that they are great for dancing later on as there is a lot of leg room when you are wearing a short strapless dress.

Long strapless dresses such as evening gowns are made for black tie events, and depending on where the waist is, or rather the lack of it, you can go from ethereal to Grecian goddess sexy. Choose an empire cut when going for long gowns, they give the illusion of long legs quite well.

Any regular woman out there (not those girls with perfect, supermodel looks and a body to die for) will have a natural tendency to shy away from a strapless dress. It is true that this dress will flatter you, but only if you choose the right style for your body type!

Or else, all you flaws will come out and I bet you will act like a retreating hermit crab. So here are a few tips people should generally follow when buying out: if you are bottom – heavy, choose a dress that will draw most of the attention to the upper part of your body. Go for sweetheart cuts, prettify yourself so that all eyes will go straight to your face, or have an elegant necklace to save your day.

Also, choose a dress that will emphasize your waist, accessorize with a belt if you have to! Then around the hip and thigh area the skirt will start to flare out so that no one will notice your legs. You waist will have the attention and not your legs.

If you are top – heavy, you can have the option of emphasizing your cleavage or wear something to draw eyes to your legs – in a good way fo course! Ruffles and various detailings on the skirt are the way to go if you are lacking in the hips department. It will create the illusion of curves and wider hips = hence a more womanly figure!

Pockets sewn skillfully around the waist and skirt area will also have the same effect on people, not to mention the versatility this add – on will have as you can put your lipstick, credit card, and mobile phone in your dress and not worry if they will get lost if you will go out partying.

5 Kinds of Dresses: Strapless, Silk, Shirt, Mini and the Little Black Dress

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You Cannot Come to Any Gathering in More Feminine Attire than a Strapless Dress

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