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The Art Of Reading The Stock Charts

Want to know how to read stock charts? Well, it is not as difficult as some people might have told you it is. But off course, you will need to understand the terminology used in these charts to make out what the stock chart is actually talking about, and what does it hold for a stock’s trend in the future. By learning the art of how to read a stock chart properly, you will be able to understand the movement of stocks on a daily basis, and you will be better prepared to take the desired action with respect to trading of stocks in the market.

There are a number of charts used in the market for showing trends of various stocks on a daily, monthly and quarterly basis. Based on their use and duration, they are assigned different names, like hourly stock-charts, the daily stock-charts, the weekly stock charts and the segment wise charts. Read the rest of this entry »

Penny Stock Trading System Basics

Many people are looking for a penny stock trading system. Penny stocks can be defined as any type of stock that is worth less than five dollars. These kinds of stocks are worth very low prices and many are less than five dollars. Since they are around the price of a penny, they are called penny stock trading on the market.

Since these stocks are worth so little, traders need to invest in large amounts in order to make any money. For example, a trader may make an investment of about one hundred thousand dollars, and make a profit of a nickel each. Although their initial worth is small, 100,000 of them make up for a lot of money. Read the rest of this entry »

Minimizing Loss for a Successful Currency Trading

In any market trading, the aim of every investor is to earn profit. This is no different in trading within the forex market. Trading in this market can also allow you to have an opportunity to be able to gain a substantial profit. In order to gain a good profit, it is important that you limit the losses that you may experience during your trade. When one begins to learn forex trading, losses are not uncommon, even traders that were able to make a fortune undergo losing experiences. However, they were able to limit their losses. Read the rest of this entry »

So You Want to be a Stock Trader

Stock trading is sometimes viewed as rocket science by your average Joe. With terms and jargons being thrown around it’s often intimidating to even consider joining the arena. But it really is quite simple. It doesn’t matter if you’re only going to invest a small amount of money. Read the rest of this entry »

Basic Stock Market Trading Tips

Staying away from bad practices in stock trading refers to acting on a tip from anyone who you do not know will give good advice.  Stock trading can go bad quickly without proper knowledge. Avoid being a day trader, spending all day in front of a computer, trying to buy low early and sell high before the markets close. It is more related to playing slot machines rather than investing. This rarely yields satisfying returns, losing a lot of money fast. Also avoid penny stocks, often promoted by companies paid to send tips via email, it’s a fundamental error.

Read the rest of this entry »

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