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Looking At Solar Batteries For Solar Lights

Similar to all other types of lighting, solar lights have different energy requirements and also differ in output. So when one is thinking about batteries to use for them, whether it be for a backup or for replacement, it becomes vital to carefully match the light’s specs with the battery.

It is important that one knows that solar batteries for solar lights are rechargeable, and that they are available in three different and distinct types.

  • Solar lights that are smaller, path lights as an example, will usually take either a Nickel Metal Hydrede battery, (NiMH) for short, or a Nickel Cadmium battery (NiCD).These batteries which are dry cell ones, receive charging via photovoltaic cells at a slow pace. They typically will last for three or four hours of continuous use, but this of course is subject to the capacity. The NiMH type have a larger capacity than an equal size NiCD, but they are also more expensive to purchase. Another advantage to them is that they can be immediately charged after only minimal draining, while in the case of the NiCDs, because of what is known as the memory effect, they must be almost completely drained before being able to recharge. Read the rest of this entry »

Recycling The Sun With Solar Lights

Clean, renewable energy is a hot topic in today’s world. Solar lights, which depend on solar panels, are environmentally sound as well as trendy. Solar lights “like windmills, electric cars, and other such resources” take advantage of the energy that is naturally present in the world and convert or transfer that energy into a beneficial form for reuse by individuals.

Solar lighting works by the use of solar panels. Throughout the day, the photovoltaic cells which make up the solar panel inside the lamp collect photons emitted by the sun. These cells convert the photons into electric energy which is used to charge the batteries contained inside the lamp and which are connected to the light bulb itself. Read the rest of this entry »

Installing Outdoor Solar Christmas Lights

It is normal to see a lot of decorations in and outside houses around the Christmas holidays. People look forward to this season because of the involved fun. There are gifts to be given and received not forgetting the fun associated with decorating the house and the area around the house. Most people are afraid of putting up lights early enough because of the installation cost and the expenses of the electricity bill. Outdoor solar Christmas lights have been made just to make everything easy; from the installation to saving money tat should otherwise be used to pay electricity bills. Read the rest of this entry »

Outdoor Solar Garden Lights – The Sensible Choice

You might be thinking of installing outdoor lighting either to provide extra security in your home, or to simply approve the appearance of your outdoor space. There are several outdoor lighting options, although outdoor solar garden lights are the sensible choice – they are better for the environment and make an attractive addition to any garden or driveway. The lights take in sunlight during the day and once the sun begins to set, they will come on and stay on during the night. Read the rest of this entry »

Outdoor Solar Post Lights to Brighten Up Your Home

Most home owners want a home that looks inviting during the daytime and solemn and soft during the night. To achieve this look, people choose to install lamps or post lights to their fences or porch steps for an ambient feel or a rustic soft look at the back yard or at the front. But with the increasing prices of lamps and their need to have their bulbs replaced after a number of months as well as the increasing rate of electric use, a good way to get the same results is through the use of solar powered lights, or in this case solar post lights. Read the rest of this entry »

Purposes of Garden Lighting

A lot of people have become interested in the new trend of garden lighting today. As it is one way of showing off your personal style to everyone you know, it can also be a means of creating a more comfortable place to live. It is an undeniable fact that gardens add beauty to any place. Gardens are not just for femininity. Even men can agree to the fact that gardens bring an authentic beauty and a relaxing mood to a home. Read the rest of this entry »

Tips to Save on Your Outdoor Lighting Costs

There are many benefits to installing garden light fixtures on your property. You get more safety, security, and an overall more attractive place to live for your and your family. Unfortunately this all comes with one major downside. Higher electrical bills as a result of keeping lights lit all night. If you want a system of outdoor lights, but don’t want to spend as much on electrical bills, here are some tips that you can use to keep your costs down.

The biggest thing that you can do to cut down on energy bills is to replace any incandescent light bulbs that you use. Incandescent bulbs give off great light, but they are incredibly inefficient, with much of the electricity they consume being converted into heat not light. A better option is to install compact fluorescent bulbs that were manufactured for outdoor use. They last much longer and use less energy, despite a slightly higher initial cost. They even screw into your existing light fixtures!

If you really want to save money though, you can’t beat installing LED light fixtures. LEDs use less energy than even CFL bulbs and last close to thirty times longer than regular incandescent bulbs. When you’re buying devices, make sure to be on the lookout for the energy star symbol, which is a guarantee that the fixture is energy efficient.

Finally, for lawns and homes that get direct sunlight a large portion of the day, you can’t beat solar powered lights for saving on electrical bills. These lights are powered by the sun thanks to a solar panel placed on them and stay lit all night thanks to an internal battery that clicks on when the sun goes down. You can keep your lawn lit up without a worry about electrical costs for years to come.

If you want more information on lighting up your garden at night easily and efficiently, check out the Garden Lights Guru.

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