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Ironing a Silk Dress and Other Things You Need to Know About Silk Dresses

Before learning specifically about silk dresses, here is a bit of background. A dress makes a woman look feminine. A dress is a one-piece clothing that has a skirt for the bottom part. It has been worn for many centuries and has changed form over the years. Before, dresses look bulky because of the complex designs but today, dresses are slim- looking, and show the contours of the body.

There are different kinds of dresses. There are gowns, cocktail dresses, Sunday dresses and others. There are also different designs. Among these are sheath, shift, sundress, jumper, tent, maxi, wrap, A line, empire dress and many more. Different fabrics and materials can be used in making a dress. You can utilize tulle, cotton, wool, silk and others. Read the rest of this entry »

All Kinds of Dresses for Women – How to Wear Them

A dress is a one – piece garment consisting of a bodice attached to a skirt. All over the world, women usually have at least 1 piece that can either be formal or casual. Dresses come in a lot of variety – especially with the hemline. From mini skirt dresses, to strapless dresses, to silk dresses and more. Some are as high as the upper thigh area while some can go below the knees, all the way to the ground. This depends on the personal taste and modesty of the wearer as well as the current fashion trend.

Dresses are available in different basic shapes. There are sundresses, maxi dress, mini dress, shirt dress, tutu dress, and a lot more! All of these can be further classified as to the purpose of the dress. some dresses, such as an all white ball gown, are usually associated with brides and weddings, even if they happen in Las Vegas. Red carpet events call for sweeping strapless dresses while a night out in town are usually best enjoyed in sequined dresses, or for more confident girl, a sequin mini dress.

Each type and style of dress can flatter a person perfectly, but it can destroy an image as fast as well. The tips you have to know is that you must buy clothes that fit you! If you are plus sized, please don’t squeeze your body in a size 4. Wear the wrong size and you will only look bigger than you are and adds ugly bulges and bumps. Choosing clothes too large your size will make you look bigger, but without substance.

Always the right underwear, especially when wearing silk dresses. You can wear thongs and g – strings if you have minimal fat on your body. To create the illusion of a skinny figure, go for supportive styles they will pull in your tummy. A well – fitted bra will create a streamlined shape, hence a smoother, slimmer figure.

Accessorize to highlight the key areas of your dress. If your garment has a lovely neckline and you must wear a necklace, have a simple piece on board so that it will not distract people’s eyes from your dress. Also, bare and toned body parts are sometimes enough. If you have slender legs, you can pull of a mini dress. Have a great set of arms? Wear a sleeveless dress! Belt up your dress to create and emphasize your waist while diverting attention from thighs (a bonus if you are rather insecure about them).

Finally, black will always be in! This color slims out everyone, and reduces the appearance of belly flab and love handles. It creates an air of sophistication, grace, and class that I have once thought was forever gone with the death of fashion icon Audrey Hepburn.

Most importantly, wear your dress with confidence and poise wherever you are. Work on your posture at all times until you get used to it while wearing your most captivating smile. A beautiful dress and stunning jewelry will not work their magic if the person wearing them is always frowning.

How to Wear Silk Dresses

Ah, the look and the feel of silk dresses. Nothing can come off as sensual as silk. Its soft and smooth texture can illicit goosebumps all the way to the neck – or is it just me? The fabric is very cool to the skin and is very absorbent which makes it is a great choice for clothes during the warm months of the year and while doing activities; and during the cold weather, it keeps warm air close to the skin, providing great insulation.

Silk is most often used in the fashion industry for shirts, ties, formal wear, blouses, lingerie, robes, and kimonos, among others. Regarded as an item of luxury, anyone wearing silk will surely feel important and sexy.

Fast fact: to produce a kilo of silk, 104 kg of a certain type of tree leaves known as mulberry must be eaten by 3000 silkworms. To make a pure silk kimono, 5000 silkworms must be utilized.

A silk dress is very beautiful, even while it’s on the racks, so the wearer must do it justice by wearing it properly! Women, please wear under garments that fits perfectly so that the outside of the dress will have smooth lines all over and not ugly bumps and creases in all the wrong places. Trust me you will not want to look like you are a crumpled old lady inside hiding behind a silk dress.

Your underwear will serve as a framework, so better choose a bra that is molded or t – shirt type so that lines will not be visible. Most especially when wearing a strapless silk dress. Choose a dress that has the perfect fit so that you will not go and pull your dress up all night.

Do not, in under all circumstances wear a brightly colored bra under a light colored silk dress as it will show in the colorsof the dress. Silk fabric is known for reflecting off light in a way that more colors are shown through than the base color. Think of it like a prism. White light goes in, and in certain angles, various colors can timidly shine through the dress. of course this will depend on the color of the dress.

Chinese silk dresses are usually high in the collar, so there is no need for a necklace. A simple earring will do the trick of glamming you up. You can wear your hair dowm, just make sure it is polished to perfection, not a brutal mess all over your dress. Or wear it up in a band or bun, with delicately pieces of flowers or hair ornaments to give you a more feminine glow. If your dress is very tailored and simple, you can go without hosiery if you have great legs. Otherwise, invest in a great hose and a pair of shoes that will add pizzazz to your overall look.

Silk Dresses May Be Worn for Any Occasion that Calls for Simple but Luxurious Attire

A silk dress is made from a fabric that was traditionally used in China exclusively for the use of royalty and nobility. This was due as much to the distinctive appearance and luxurious texture of silk as to the fact that the fabric was too expensive for common people to afford. The fiber originally used for making silk is not readily available anywhere and at any time. The thread is extracted from the cocoons of silk moth larvae which hardly exist in the wild and are mostly cultivated by humans. Read the rest of this entry »

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