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The Art of Russia

With the various restrictions that have been put in place for fairly lengthy periods of time on the types of artwork that could be created in Russia, many of the the artists from this country are largely unknown outside of it. The De facto restrictions were not raised in Russia until the 1980′s and the more free expression of content is a fairly recent addition to the artists of that region of the world. Icon painting, classical and Russian avant-garde are the most common styles.

Icon paintings are often painted on wood and small in size. They are commonly seen within churches and religious homes in Russia and there is much symbolism that surrounds these works. They were made to help people with their prayers without idolizing the figure in the work. The icons are usually used to separate the nave from the sanctuary areas in Russian churches.

As the culture within the country has expanded and become more diverse, there have been more styles used when painting the icons. Along with the traditional style, there have been more influences from Western European realism that has created a stylized mixture of form as well. Read the rest of this entry »

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