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Vintage And Antique Engagement Rings Plus Other Jewellery From History

It is remarkable how far back in history that jewellery was in use, even thousands of years ago our ancestors wore it. Today most of us wear it to enhance the way we look, and to make us feel good. Our ancestors probably wore it for these reasons, but perhaps more important to them was the protection from bad spirits which they believed it gave them.

They probably also believed in its power to bring them good fortune, and these beliefs have persisted to the present day for some people, despite living in an age of science and technology. Early jewellery was very crude by today’s standards, being made from natural materials which were to hand such as seashells, wood, bone or pebbles. These materials were made into basic necklaces, decorations for the hair and other jewelery.

Since everything had to be made by hand with only the most basic of tools, each piece would have taken a long time to make, especially where pieces of wood were carved and it could have taken several days to make one item. Read the rest of this entry »

Pink Tourmaline Gemstone Jewelry

Looking for a kind of jewelry item that is exquisite and delicate to look at?  Then nothing beats the wide selection of pink tourmaline gemstones and jewelry items that today’s jewelry trend can now offer to you. You can find pink gemstone tourmalines in local jewelry outlets as well as in online stores, the latter of which holds the largest design collections that you can explore.

Looking for different designs for tourmaline jewelry these days are not as difficult as it was before.  This is because many jewelry designers have come to realize that the features alone of pink tourmalines are enough to keep any jewelry store afloat in the business world.  Pink tourmaline gemstones are considered to be the most celebrated color type among the many colors available in the tourmaline family, mainly because the color pink is naturally attractive and charming to grab other people’s attention. Read the rest of this entry »

What You Should Know About Aquamarine Rings

It is no secret that aquamarine rings are beautiful.  They are one of the most popular jewelry items bought in the world today.  Aquamarine is not a rare gemstone, so what is it about them that so many people love?  I think they are so popular because of their beautiful color, which reminds people of the gorgeous blue of the early morning sky. How could you not love them?

Emeralds are from the same family of gemstones as aquamarine.  Both are mostly composed of the mineral beryl.  Iron is more prominent in aquamarine, and vanadium is what gives an emerald its darker green color. Some aquamarines are yellow-ish in color, which indicates that they contain corundum.  Yellow aquamarines are rare, and are worth more than blue-green ones.  Aquamarine gemstones are flawless, meaning there are no inclusions in them, so they look wonderful when cut into the traditional emerald cut. Read the rest of this entry »

Ruby Rings: How to Choose the Best Ring

What most consumers do not know about rings is that rings were actually a form of iron and copper along with silver and gold many years ago in the Medieval Period. Rings would specify the class of the person wearing them. Since then, rings have changed drastically along with their meaning and symbolism. Rings over time over time have come to mark a number of occasions such as a wedding or a new start in life. Read the rest of this entry »

Heart Rings and What Styles Do They Come In?

If you are standing at the jewelry counter and find yourself eyeballing the heart rings that are for sale, you might be taken aback to discover just how many different choices there are available for the heart shape. The material and the stone will determine how much you can expect to spend on one of these rings. Read the rest of this entry »

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