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So You Think Pink Prom Dresses are the Best…Now What?

Promenades, also known as junior or senior proms, are one of the most anticipated annual nights that most teens look forward to. Statistics have shown that more than $1 billion annually are spent on proms in the United States alone. Although both genders put a lot of effort in looking their best for this special night, teenage girls still account for the greater part of the mentioned statistics.

One of the culprits is those hefty dresses – yes, that pink prom dress that you’ve been dying to wear on this special evening. If you are looking for a deal, you can look for prom dresses under 100, but here we want to talk about one kind of dress. Read the rest of this entry »

Pretty in Pink Prom Dresses

Pink prom dresses tend to be quite popular as they are the most feminine colored dresses available. You can look just like a princess in a pink dress and that is what many girls have dreamed of. Who wouldn’t want to look and feel like a princess? However, before you rush out and purchase a dress for the big occasion, you should think carefully and shop around. Looking for prom dresses under 100 dollars is very common, but there are other things to think about.

Read the rest of this entry »

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