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Look Sassy in a Plus Size Mini Dress

It has always been regarded that only lean girls can wear small articles of clothing such as a mini dress. Whenever a meaty woman would dare wear one, especially out in public, chances are she would be frowned upon, given dirty looks, or hear blasphemous whispers from corners with words such as: “How dare she? Doesn’t she know how she looks like in THAT?! Did she look in the mirror before she went out?”, etcetera.

But thankfully, the times have changed. Voluptous ladies can now wear mini dresses and still be respected, and even admired. Big girls have the great curves to show off the dress in a very sexy and still classy way. Plus size mini dresses in plus sizes are more readily available than ever, in your local stores or shopping online, you can find that dress that will show off your best. Read the rest of this entry »

Not Just a Mini Dress, But a Leather Mini Dress!

Foxy, provocative, fierce-looking, sexy – these are just some words used to describe women dressed in leather mini dresses. Though wearing a leather mini dress is not for everybody, for those with the body to show and the attitude to carry it, it is a strong piece of clothing guaranteed to make you the center of attention in any occasion.
A leather mini dress, especially one which covers very little parts of your body, is a popular wardrobe for partying all night and going club hopping with friends – no matter the color – whether a mini dress black color or brown.

As a club wear, this may be appropriate. Whether in strapless design, one-shoulder or halter design, curve-hugging or skirts with flare out hips, these are guaranteed to make you look hot, especially when worn with stilettos or with edgy boots. However, do not make the mistake of wearing it on the streets, since its revealing nature may be a bit too scandalous for normal everyday wear. Read the rest of this entry »

From the Mini Dress Black Color to Hot Pink

Mini dresses first became a fad way back in the 60’s, then was replaced by longer skirts during the 70’s. Between then and now, it has since reemerged every few years or so. It’s a wardrobe that has managed to evolve over the decades, one that has come in various forms, textures, lengths and designs that reflect the current situation. And the colors range from the simple mini dress black color to hot pink and everything in between. You may wear a mini dress in your bare legs if you have nice legs to flaunt it with. For those who are quite shy to show some skin, it’s also fashionable nowadays to wear mini dresses over tights or even jeans, to have a nice layered look.

Mini dresses are not for everybody though. Women who do wear mini dresses are often the more aggressive types, outgoing women who are comfortable to flaunt their body, and who loves being the center of attention in a party. Read the rest of this entry »

Club Wear Mini Dresses Do’s and Don’ts

It’s Saturday night again! It is time for bar hopping, drinking, and dancing till you drop. Gather your girl friends, put on your new mini dress, and plan for the night. Maybe it would be great to go to some hot club and mingle with the singles! You have to be smashing when you arrive, you don’t want to be ignored at a corner believe me.

First you have to call the club, make sure you get yourself in the guest list. Then find a friend who has wheels. You wouldn’t want you or your friends suffer by commuting to and from the club, especially if you are all dressed up unless you get hooked up with a guy you meet at the club and end up going home with him after the night.  Read the rest of this entry »

Mini Skirts and Mini Dresses: History in Fashion

Here’s the history of mini dresses: By the late 1950s, the post-war baby boom had contributed to a more youthful population. With most baby boomers already in their teens, it was clear how their influence would affect culture. As this meant a different demographic was emerging, and a new consumer voice was being heard, clothing had to be conform to the new group. The emergence of Rock and Roll and a more liberated way of thinking crept inspired clothing for teens. Read the rest of this entry »

How to Wear a Black Sequin Mini Dress

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The mini skirt dress is one of the most sexiest and most daring article of clothing apparel any woman can ever own and wear. A mini dress is a dress with the skirt’s hemline well above the knees, or no longer than 4 inches from below the buttocks. All throughout history, this type of dress has caused interesting conversations from both conservative and liberal members of society.

Women have worn it as a sort of rebellion from the purists who have viewed the mini dress as a sort of invitation for unwarranted sexual encounter. Add to that the fact that in the 1960’s the mini dress had bee regarded as a symbol of liberation, worn by ladies who actively promote women’s rights.

One of the most fabulous styles of the mini dress is the one wherein they are covered with sequins. This makes for a great club wear mini dress. Dazzling from shoulders to somewhere down the thighs, the addition of sparkling sequins will instantly give an oomph factor! And you don’t even have to try! Gold is the most popular color for sequin dresses as it can go from club ready to red carpet glamorous, this color is best worn by milky pale women.

Pair it up with matching gold shoes and a red lipstick to be a pin – up dream. It is a bonus if you have dark hair since all the right features will be accentuated. Search online for a great variety of choices and deals so that you can splurge and stretch your hard – earned dollar.

The next best color is a black sequin mini dress. This dress offers an air of mystery and sophistication while maintaining that fun and flirty appeal any sequined dress has to offer. A lot fashionable celebrities such as Blake Lively and Audrina Patridge wear a mini dress to red carpet events and other occasions. They can dress them up, as with any dress, with heels or make them casual with ballet flats.

For women who can’t go bare legged for a long time, try pairing up your mini with leggings or paper – thin skinny jeans. As seen on various Hollywood actresses who wear theirs in this style, the most flattering way to do this is to wear a well – fitted long sleeved mini dress.  Gold still reigns supreme no matter what cut or style and so the gold sequin mini dress is popular – but more modern colors such as royal blue & vibrant green are now available for mass consumption.

Do be warned that mini dresses should not be worn as it is at all times. Places such as schools and offices opt for a more formal look. When buying one, wear the dress and fiddle around the place in it. Sit, bend over a bit as if pretending to reach for something, go around your bag so that you can see how the dress will move around.

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