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Reasons Why you Should Opt for a Custom Luggage Tag for your Belongings

Purchasing a nice custom luggage tag for your belongings is soon becoming a necessity. Not only do these tags enhance your individuality and character, they also make keeping your luggage safe and in your sight at all times a sure possibility.

You should be discreet with the information that you insert on your custom luggage tag. While name, address and cell phone number are necessary details adding your home number is not a good idea. If you lose your baggage then your cell phone number will make it very easy for the finder to contact you and reunite you with your luggage. Adding your email address serves no purpose except that of filling your inbox with a lot of junk. Read the rest of this entry »

Make Your Luggage Tags Stand Out

If you are patiently waiting for an airport conveyor belt to wind around with your luggage and there are multiple suitcases that look just like yours, you could make it easier on yourself the next time by having custom luggage tags. These custom tags can help you quickly identify your suitcase right out of the gate.  Additionally, you can be crafty with your id clipped to your baggage by making it stick out like a sore thumb. You could use colors like hot-pink, red or orange that just screams out “here I am” as it winds its way toward you.

Of course, these tags will have your typical identification like the normal tags. If you have a favorite hobby, you might want to show off your tag with your crafty touch. If you love gardening, you could create a bright colored flower or even a miniature bird house to lighten the mood. Anything that represents your interest can be made to identify your luggage quickly. This also applies to men on the go. For the sports minded traveler, you could create a tag that represents your favorite sport. A fat bat, soccer ball, basketball all make a statement and are easily identifiable. Read the rest of this entry »

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