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What’s In The Cayenne Pepper Diet?

Of all the diets and weight loss programs on the market, The Cayenne Pepper Diet is one of the oldest, most talked about and most effective.  And the funny thing is, it was never even designed to be a diet or weight loss tool!

Also known as The Lemon Detox, The Lemon And Cayenne Pepper diet, the Cayenne pepper and water diet, and a host of other names, the cayenne pepper diet was designed as a cleansing program to clear your body of years of accumulated toxins. Read the rest of this entry »

What are Detox Foot Pads?

If you’ve seen commercials for a cleansing foot pad you might be wondering just what are detox foot pads and how do they work? The pads are actually a form of reflexology. They work on the ancient Japanese principle of using points on the foot to relieve certain types of ailments. The foot pads are made from tree extracts and bamboo which makes them a totally natural product. They are applied to the bottom or soles of the feet and usually worn through the night while sleeping. Any toxins that have accumulated in the person’s body are drawn out during the wearing of the special pads.

This works because of a special kind of infrared ray that is emitted by these pads. It works to dilate the blood vessels inside the feet which have nerve endings connecting to the rest of the body. By dilating the vessels the flow of blood is increased and waste materials are released from the cells and carried out through the soles of the feet. These toxins accumulate in the pad’s fibers and are then tossed away when you discard them in the morning.

In questioning what are detox foot pads and do they actually work, you need to approach the treatment with an open mind. The body contains many particles and metals that aren’t actually visible with the naked eye. The detox system works similar to how the body releases water when a person sweats, except it is releasing heavy base metals and other potential harmful elements that can build up over time. The authentic product is FDA registered and has been tested in clinical studies and laboratories. If you are interested in more information you can look for testimonials from actual users of the product to help in your determination of whether or not it would benefit you.

Eliminate Toxins with the Fast Track Detox Diet

It is very important that you find yourself a way which will help keep your body as toxic-free as possible. The build up of toxins inside your system can be very hazardous as they can make you prone to acquiring illnesses and deadly diseases.

A great way for you to accomplish just that is by following a detox diet program. These days, there is one fantastic detox diet program that is making huge waves and that is the Fast Track One Day detox diet program. This highly effective program will help in the removal of damaging toxins within you, more specifically those which are collected in your colon and liver.

If you choose to follow this detox program, you are not only going to flush out the accumulated toxins inside you, you will also feel revitalized and lose excess weight in the process. Not to mention the fact that the function of all your body organs will also improve.

There are three prime stages involved in this program. The first one is referred to as the prequel. This is a seven day process which will help prepare your body for the main task at hand which is namesake of the program. The second stage entails the 1-day detox fast wherein you will only be consuming the miracle juice (as the author refers to it). The last and final stage involves a three day process and is also referred to as the sequel or follow up phase.

The program will also provide you with a list of foods that you need to consume and those in which you need to stay away from while you are engaged in this detox diet program. For the first stage, you will be required to fill your body with certain food items that can help boost the health of both your liver and colon; such foods include apples, carrots, oranges, eggs, berries, lemons, pears and veggies.

The second stage will have you drinking the miracle juice which is made up of nutmeg, ginger, cinnamon, lemon juice, orange juice, cranberry juice and stevia. As for the last part or stage of the program, you will be incorporating foods rich in probiotics like yogurt, sauerkraut to name a few.

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