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Safety Concerns With Children’s Duvets

If you’re looking to buy children’s duvets, there are safety issues you should be aware of before you even start shopping for them.  Safety concerns when shopping for a child’s duvet is much like the same concerns when you buy duvets for adults.  However, there are additional concerns when the concern applied to children.

The first safety matter to consider when buying children’s duvets is to make sure that the fabrics of the duvet you’re buying include fire resistant material.  This is a precaution that also applies to duvets for adults.  The reason for this is that fire resistant matter is prevents flames from spreading should there ever be a fire while in bed.  When shopping for a child’s duvet, check to see if it is fire resistant before leaving the store.  Read the rest of this entry »

Decorating with Childrens Duvet Covers

Childrens duvet covers can take a dull, boring room and give it a whole new lease on life. With fun and funky patterns or dainty, elegant prints, they can easily become a focal point of a child’s bedroom upon which the rest of the room’s décor is built. Children’s duvets are usually most popular in twin and double duvet cover sizes. There are also duvets for cot beds including cot bed duvets.

Another common feature of bedding for children and teens is that they’re made from good quality 100% washable cotton. Childrens duvet covers, like most things in childrens rooms, can take quite a beating between friends spending the night and food and drink spills. The convenience of being able to remove the duvet and toss it into the washer is a lifesaver – and a money saver as well. Dry cleaning bills for covers made from silk or other non-washable fabrics can get quite expensive.

Childrens duvet covers are often sold in sets. These sets may include a the cover, a bed skirt or dust ruffle and one or two pillow shams depending on the size of the duvet. Twin covers usually only include one sham. If a duvet cover is sold separately, then the coordinating bedding pieces can usually be purchased separately as well. Some other coordinating pieces may include throw pillows and throw blankets, sheets and window treatments such as valances and panels. Sometimes, childrens duvet covers even come with matching artwork, small area rugs or other room accessories.

When choosing a duvet cover for a child or teen’s room, it’s not only important to consider the fabric and it’s ease of washing but also, any embellishments that may make dry cleaning necessary. Some of these embellishments may include buttons, ribbons, beading or sequins. Another important factor is the color of the comforter that the duvet will be covering. If the duvet cover will be white, be sure the comforter underneath is not a dark color that will show through. It may be necessary to purchase a white down or down alternative comforter or choose a darker duvet cover if the existing blanket is a bold or dark color.

Shopping for a child duvet cover is easy when it’s done online. Many online retailers offer deep discounts on last season or on discontinued styles. Also, for new designs, there might be free or low cost shipping offers which can really make the shopping experience easier and more cost effective than ever before. Change the look and feel of a child’s room with a brand new duvet cover and add a little sparkle to his eyes and a bit of sunshine to her room.

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