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Discount Carpet Remnants- Why You Should Purchase One

A room can always look grander if there is a carpet installed over the floor. It can add up to the ambiance of the room and can enhance the effects of the furniture and designs that are placed within it. An office can give off a more professional atmosphere if the right kind of carpet is installed. This can really allow your clients or someone that your dealing with understand that you mean business. This can also make an impression on them that you are serious with whatever business you may be offering or handling. Having the right carpet installed for a home or office can surely increase the theme and ambiance that you are setting up. Read the rest of this entry »

Large Rugs on a Budget

In general, the larger the area rug you choose, the higher the price. That stands to reason. There are more materials going into making the rug. In addition, the larger the rug, the more space it takes up in the stock room and the more difficult it is to sell. You do not have to pay a lot of money in every case however as there are large rugs available for every budget.

1. Look at Quality Synthetics

You will generally find that wool rugs are more expensive than synthetic ones. In many cases, wool rugs look better than those made of artificial fibers and they wear better too plus they are more able to resist soiling. It is still worth looking at good quality polypropylene rugs however if you are on a budget. Provided the pile is thick and they do not have the tell tale sheen of a cheap synthetic carpet, you can get a beautiful rug for less.

2. Choose a Contemporary Rug

Traditional rugs such as genuine Persian, Turkish and Oriental rugs tend to go with a higher price tag than contemporary rugs. If a contemporary rug will suit your room, you will find that you can pick one up from one of the modern cut price furniture stores such as IKEA at low cost. If you need a traditional rug because of the style of your home, look for a rug in traditional style rather than a genuine import.

3. Use a Remnant

If you want a large rug with a solid color, you could get one very cheaply by buying a carpet remnant. Many stores provide a binding service which will neaten the edges and prevent them fraying. This will not work so well if you want a patterned rug however as a carpet would have an all over pattern whereas the pattern on a rug generally works with the shape – a rectangular rug, for example, would usually have a pattern going round the rug as a border.

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