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How To Design A Walk In Shower

If you want to remodel your bathroom, you might want to think about adding a walk in shower. This type of shower is becoming a much desired item for many families. This is also a good investment to make if you are thinking of selling your home in the near future.

Before you begin, think about the kind of walk in shower design that would be most attractive in your home. Draw up a design and just to make sure that you have enough space in your bath for the new shower. It is important to think about what you really want and decide the look that you really want. Don’t spend a lot of money and time on a project only to be unhappy with the results; plan ahead! Read the rest of this entry »

Ways To Use A Bathroom Window Valance

A bathroom window valance plays an essential role with regard to window treatments. The initial purpose for which such window treatments were invented include the concealment of curtain rods and other hardware, however, these devices have now become decorative, as well. They are now designed to coordinate well with the window’s curtains, and even complement the overall decor of the room. Below are a few ideas for bathroom valances as well as basic instructions regarding how to create them in one’s own home.

A bathroom window valance can be made from a variety of materials including fiberboard, plastic, wood, or cloth. Cloth is a popular choice as it offers a softer appearance and can blend well with the curtain’s fabric. To prevent mildew and mold, heavy metal material that retains moisture should be avoided. One should also try to choose a fabric that is easily cleaned such as polyester cotton blends, or synthetic fibers. Read the rest of this entry »

Non Slip Rubber Shower Mats

Bathrooms are known to be areas where accidents can easily occur. This could be because of the slippery and smooth surface of the floor. This could constitute a great danger for both children and the elderly. Non slip bath mats for elderly would prevent accidents from occurring. The best non slip bath mats are the rubber shower mats.

Although these mats are designed to keep you from slipping, they also add an element of beauty to your bathroom floor. You can make your bathroom space look more attractive and appealing with colorful and beautifully designed non slip mats.

The best kinds of non-slip mats are made from rubber. Although you would like to prevent slippery accidents, it is essential to choose mats that add style and decor to your floor. The rubber shower mats are not just attractive and effective in preventing anyone from slip and fall accidents, they are also easy to handle. They can be washed easily and kept clean all the time. They allow water to sip away easily also leaving the surfaces dry and easy to walk on. Read the rest of this entry »

Different Choices in Corner Vanities for Bathrooms

Everyone wants to make extra space in their bathroom without compromising on accessories and other products they require. If you also want to make your bathroom spacious then corner vanities could be the best option for you. They not only add zing, they also make your bathroom more elegant and open. Corner bathroom vanity comes with a functional sink plus additional storage space for keeping things such as towels, clothes and other things.

The Asian-inspired Kyoto honey marble corner vanity unit sink looks very simple yet elegant. It is not just decorative but functional also. This wooden vanity is quite durable, which has an elevated marble slab and that’s why it lasts long. The cabinet area comes attached with 2 pull out drawers and you can put anything like towels and hair accessories besides others. The main advantage of drawer is that it does not take time to search things because they are placed systematically. Read the rest of this entry »

Three Stages in a Basement Bathroom Installation

Your house may serve as the home for multiple families. If your family is sharing only one comfort room with other families, you may be tired of all the comfort room issues since you have to argue about who’s going to use the bath first. If this is the case, then this is probably the best time to create a new one right into your basement. Read the rest of this entry »

Waterfall Shower Head and Other Bathroom Ideas

One of the latest trends in home remodeling is upgrading your bathroom into a spa like environment. Depending on your budget, you can achieve this in many ways ranging from a full bathroom tearout or strategically remodel only certain pieces of your existing bathroom.

The reason why professional spas feel so soothing is that they’re usually very well designed and laid out. You can take advantage of this by borrowing from their ideas. This can be a great way to achieve a high spot, without having to pay for an interior designer.  Interior decorators are usually thousands of dollars for their work.  By borrowing ideas from existing ideas you can save yourself the trouble of having to reinvent the wheel. Read the rest of this entry »

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