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The New Tan Through Swimwear But Not See Through

Beautiful weather typically means one thing, soaking up some sun at your local pool and if you’re lucky your local beach. Unfortunately, sometimes being in the sun for an extended period of time means dealing with awkward looking tan lines from traditional swim wear. There is nothing worse than looking in the mirror after a relaxing day in the sun and noticing the embarrassing ring around your neck, shoulders or back. However, as you may have heard there is a solution with innovative new tan through swim wear. Read the rest of this entry »

Tankinis for Women – Comfort and Sizzle in One Swimsuit

Planning a trip to the beach or pool should not lead to an anxiety attack over what swimsuit to wear. You may not feel comfortable enough to wear a bikini, but may object to the less attractive one-piece. Why not combine a tank top with a bikini bottom? Tankinis for women offer the comfort of a one piece without compromising the sensual appeal of a bikini. Read the rest of this entry »

What to Consider when Buying Longitude Swimsuits for Women

So what is a longitude swimwear?

As its name suggests, the longitude swimsuit is basically that type that securely fits you across the torso. This is particularly designed for women who have longer torso or those who are generally full figured. Needles to say, the suit is designed to specifically make your body look sexier and curvier. See some examples here below of these swimsuits at Amazon: Read the rest of this entry »

Conservative Swimwear for Women: Modest Options to Choose From

The summer time is perhaps one of the most awaited seasons by most people, young and old alike. During the season, a lot of people feel too excited to show off their sexy skin while enjoying a tan with good friends and families. Thus, having the right swimwear is indeed very important.

And while some girls don’t mind at all seeing themselves wearing those skimpy bikinis, there are actually others who wish they could just find the perfect conservative swimwear for women that can still look sexy but less revealing. Thankfully though, there are various modest swimwear solutions available these days, designed for the conservative women. Read the rest of this entry »

What Swimsuit is Best for My Body: Your Guide to Swimsuit Shopping

Before you start looking for that perfect skimpy swimwear, it is essential to understand your body type. Ask yourself what swimsuit is best for my body before actually buying a new pair. Keep in mind that different body types call for different swimsuit styles. Here is a quick guide to help you choose the perfect swimwear according to your body type.

The Apple Type Body Shape

If you have broad shoulders, a larger breast for your frame, and generally have a larger upper frame than your bottom, then you fall into  the apple type body. With this type of body, avoid those low cut tops and go instead for suits with thick straps  – or any design that can securely support your chest area. Tankinis are perfect for this type of body. Read the rest of this entry »

How to Make Full Swimsuits for Women Look Sexy Regardless of Body Shape

Having a great time at the beach is perhaps one of the most relaxing and enjoyable thing you can imagine. And while some women don’t have qualms when it comes to baring their skin and soaking themselves in the sun, others are terrified just thinking about it. But thankfully, there are full swimsuits for women these days that doesn’t necessarily require you to bare all the way just to look stunning and appealing.

If you don’t have enough confidence to wear skimpy mircro swimsuits for women, finding perfect one piece swimsuits can make a great difference. With the right knowledge and attitude when looking for your perfect swimsuit, you can achieve a glamorous and more confident swimming experience. To understand more about what type of full swimsuits for women is ideal according to your body type, here is a guide. Read the rest of this entry »

One Piece Swimsuits with Underwire: The Number One Factor to Consider Before You Buy

Check Out Some of the Underwire Swimsuits at Amazon


Swimwear Underwire Top: Swimsuit Top Only


Sunsets Womens Twist Front Underwire Tankini, Carribean Blue, 38D


Underwire Bust Support. Paisley Lingerie Tankini Top by Coco Reef® – Plus Size Swimsuit

With the birth of string bikinis and micro swimsuits for women today, horizontally-challenged women often come face to face with the burden of finding swimwear that can fully support their  full-figure. Thankfully, there are one piece swimsuits with underwire that are readily available today. Underwire bras are beneficial among full figured women. The main idea of having a wire under a bra cup is simply to reinforce the swimsuit and help redistribute the weight load that the material has to bear. Read the rest of this entry »

Micro Swimsuits for Women: Three Things to Do Before You Buy

See Some Micro Bikinis from Amazon at the End of  This Article

If you are a fashion fanatic, then you might believe the adage that says ‘less is more!’ If so, micro swimsuits for women should be a part of your fashion. Micro swimsuits, also popularly called the micro bikinis, are basically an improved version of the convention bikini created by Louis Reard, a French engineer. As its name suggests, micro swimsuits have very little fabric, barely enough to cover the private area. Read the rest of this entry »

Be Confident Your Child Is Safe: What to Look for in Infant UV Swimwear

You Can See Some Examples of Infant and Childrens UV Swimwear at Amazon


MaxOut UPF 50+, UV Sun Protective Boy’s Long Sleeve Rashguard


Baby Banz One Piece Sun Protection Swimsuit, Pink/White, Size 2


Baby Banz One Piece Sun Protection Swimsuit, Blue, Size 1


Baby Banz Swim Diaper, Blue/Print, Large


UPF 50+ Baby Sun Protective Bonnet


Baby Banz One Piece Sun Protection Swimsuit, Pink/White, 3 Months


Sanibel, UV Sun Protective One Piece Swimsuit for Infant/Toddler Girls (UPF 50+)


Boys High Tide UV Sun Protective Long-Sleeved Sunsuit (UPF 50+)


MaxOut UPF 50+, UV Sun Protective Girl’s Clam Diggers for Infants/Toddlers

Infant UV swimwear can help you keep your little one safer from the sun when extended sun exposure may occur, while still allowing for many hours of outdoor daytime fun. The rate of skin cancer is on the rise, and doctors have been seeing an increasing number of malignant melanoma in children. Scientists have been debating the reasons, but they do not debate that it is important not to let your skin be exposed to too much sun. This is extra important for the tender skin of young ones. Read the rest of this entry »

Best Bathing Suits for Big Busts and Other Swimwear for Your Body Type

Finding the best bathing suits for big busts can be a daunting task. Aside from that, other women often find themselves in a dilemma of having the right swimsuit because they have bulging tummies or big bums, small or wide hips, or small busts. And there is the special challenge of finding just the right bathing suits for pear shaped women.

Yet, you can still have that perfect swimsuit and feel proud and confident of yourself especially when you go for the style that suits your body best.  Regardless of the shape of your stomach or the width of your hips, there are specific swimwear designs and styles that may be perfect for you. Read the rest of this entry »

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