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Personalised Chocolate Coins

What better way to get people’s attention than with chocolate. Chocolate is an all time favorite is most people. Businesses are always looking for a way to get noticed and be remembered by their customers.

And when it comes to chocolate as a means to do this, there are a number of options available. Including chocolate coins. We’ve all seen these. They can be a lot of fun and are tasty.

The companies that make these are becoming increasingly creative. The old way to just have a companies logo or name printed on the external chocolate coin wrapper. That looks alright, but there is new technology now that takes it to a higher level. Those same words and images used in the past on the outside can now be used on the inside. That is, that can be imprinted on the chocolate itself. Or even created as raised text and images from the base of the chocolate.

Not only can the logos and various messages be “imprinted” in chocolate but there are all sorts of shapes and designs that can be used. What would you like: hearts, circles or some unique shape.

And as you know, there is more than one kind of chocolate. My favorite is white chocolate. Pick the one you like or even a mixture to satisfy everyone’s tastes.

These personalised chocolate coins are being used at companies trade shows, as a thank you gift to clients, and even as a way to motivate employees to do their work well.

Not only are these used by business entities but they are also found being used as wedding favors and favors at other kinds of parties. Think of office parties, birthdays, bar mitzvahs, baby showers and anniversaries. For a wedding, an image of the couple can actually be placed on the chocolate. You’ve probably seen these personalized chocolate wedding favors.

Chocolate coins have come a long way from what we used to buy at the dime store many years ago. The options are so many that they are almost overwhelming. But you want something that people will remember so a little time spent thinking through this could be time well spent.

Personalised Chocolates for Gifts

Personalised chocolate gifts have become a big thing in recent years. You see them at weddings, birthdays, baby showers, retirement parties, anniversaries, and of course Valentine’s Day. They are great used simply as party favors or as a major gift.

Customized chocolate bars and other chocolate gifts can be made in to suit various themes and designs. So whatever the occasion you can get chocolates that fit in and add a little special touch. Maybe it isn’t a particular theme you are going for and in that case you have made chocolate gifts with unique messages.

Just to give you an idea of the kind of variety and unique gifts you can find, did you know that there are chocolate cigars gifts! Now that’s not just another chocolate gift. It is something that people will notice, talk about and remember. It is the kind of thing they will want show other people.

You don’t have to be a smoker to enjoy receiving this gift. And as always it can personalized with your business name or something related to recipient of the gift. Think “It’s a boy!”

And you can find varieties in size as well. What about a five pound milk chocolate bar for a chocoholic, or maybe for the whole office or family.

If you are getting a lot of gifts or many smaller chocolates you may want something basic like the fun varities. But for the bigger gifts there are gourmet chocolate options.

Personalized chocolate for business:

Businesses are always looking for ways to get noticed. Or maybe they just want to show appreciate to their clients and continue a business relationship with them in future. Often this means finding some kind of gift. There may be so many clients or budget limitations, so they have to find something that is not too expensive but still will be appreciated.

What better fits that bill that chocolate? And rather than just go out and buy any box of chocolates, it is easy to have chocolates personalized. There aren’t many people that don’t love chocolate. And personalised chocolate bars or personalised chocolate wrappers give it an extra touch of care.

If you decide to go this route you can find a number of companies online to order from. Just don’t wait til the last minute because it will take some time. Not a lot of time but it take some time. After all, it is a special gift. There are a ton of options to choose from in personalizing chocolates and if you are ordering a bunch you can probably find some discount prices.

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