Solar Powered 15 LED Security Floodlight

Motion detecting lights can serve a variety of purposes. Having a light that turns on in your presence can be extremely handy especially is you have your hands full. Motion detection can also help keep your home safe by alerting you of intruders and make them feel uncomfortable.

A prime example of this type of light is the Solar Powered 15 LED Security Light by LED Wholesalers.  This light system features an impressive 15 LED light bulbs, shining a bright light arc on an area of your choice. A special panel captures sunlight during the day and converts it into power which the light uses at night.

The reason why 15 powerful LED light bulbs are able to be packed into this light is because of the efficiency of LED bulbs. These bulbs last a lifetime and use very little power when compared to incandescents.

The motion detector uses infrared light to detect movement and activate the lights. The sensor does not require visible light to function and can detect people even in complete darkness. In addition to the solar power, the flood light requires a single 3.6 volt battery to operate, only needing replacement once every 2-3 years. Power outages do not affect the operation of this security light.

The plastic housing is UV protected, meaning that sunlight will not damage or decay the material. There are several flexible mounting options, including your house wall, a pole or roof. Mounting hardware is included for your convenience.

Placement is a matter of personal preference but there are several common areas where a light like this is used, including walkways, in front of garages, patios and more. Place it anywhere you desire without having to worry about technical wire installation or power cord coverage. This super bright flood lighting system gives you both convenience and peace of mind.

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