So You Think Pink Prom Dresses are the Best…Now What?

Promenades, also known as junior or senior proms, are one of the most anticipated annual nights that most teens look forward to. Statistics have shown that more than $1 billion annually are spent on proms in the United States alone. Although both genders put a lot of effort in looking their best for this special night, teenage girls still account for the greater part of the mentioned statistics.

One of the culprits is those hefty dresses – yes, that pink prom dress that you’ve been dying to wear on this special evening. If you are looking for a deal, you can look for prom dresses under 100, but here we want to talk about one kind of dress.

Pink is one of the most sought after colors for prom dresses. The best thing about this color is that it offers a lot of hues and tones that can complement different skin tones as well as hair colors. From hot pink, fuchsia, or that baby pink tone that radiates your fair complexion, pink offers the flexibility that other bold colors don’t seem to have. So you’ve chosen the best shade of pink, now what?

The shopping groundwork for prom dresses is more than just picking the best color. Knowing the cuts and styles that will complement your frame and accentuate your assets will make those few hundred dollars worth it. For shorter girls, shorter dresses will do the trick on giving your legs a longer, leaner appeal. This is also the best time to boast the best pair of heels you’ve got. For teenage girls with ‘unnecessary curves”, you may want to steer clear from those body hugging materials or tight cuts.

You also have to make up your mind about wanting to wear classic, simple cuts or if you want dresses with a dramatic flair at the bottom. This dramatic, elegant cut can accentuate almost any kind of figure but be careful not to overdo it with too much accessories.

Most dresses are strapless, halter, or has the Grecian shoulder cut. For any of these cuts, strapless brassiere can be the best undergarment of choice. If you’ll opt for backless dresses, it’s best to buy those nipple tapes so as not to ruin the attention on your bare, flawless back. Just make sure that your dress has you “covered” all night. Check for possible buttons that may fall out, or strings or twines that are easy to loosen or untie. You wouldn’t want to have dress blunders that will bring you under an unwanted spotlight on that special night so make sure that the smallest details get the same attention as the big picture.

Regardless of what cut, style, or brand your dresses will be, keep in mind that comfort and subtle sophistication should top your priority list. Wearing a great dress while stiffly  tucking those excess tummy flabs all night will just ruin your evening. On the other hand, you wouldn’t want to be caught in a too comfy, tee-like dress either.

With these chic fashion guidelines, being the star of the night happens effortlessly. Just carry yourself with impressive wits, total confidence, mild manners, and don’t forget – that pink prom dress.

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