Silk Dresses May Be Worn for Any Occasion that Calls for Simple but Luxurious Attire

A silk dress is made from a fabric that was traditionally used in China exclusively for the use of royalty and nobility. This was due as much to the distinctive appearance and luxurious texture of silk as to the fact that the fabric was too expensive for common people to afford. The fiber originally used for making silk is not readily available anywhere and at any time. The thread is extracted from the cocoons of silk moth larvae which hardly exist in the wild and are mostly cultivated by humans.

Silk dresses are distinguished by their non-slippery but shiny texture. They are, for instance, not as smooth or as shiny as some forms of synthetic silk. The luxurious appearance of the fabric makes it a favorite cloth of many fashion designers for making elegant semi-formal attire and evening gowns. It is used both for men’s and women’s clothing. Silk is also a great material for smaller and decorative articles of clothing, such as ties, ribbons and neckbands. Its natural luster makes anything it is made of impressive to look at.

Silk is a durable fiber that absorbs water well. It has been used extensively in making shirts as well as ties and handkerchiefs. In contrast, synthetic silk does not absorb moisture as well as silk does. For instance we do not encounter nylon or rayon handkerchiefs often. Otherwise, such items have a decorative rather than a functional purpose. One should take extra care of silk when it is wet because in that state, the fiber loses 20 % more or less of its strength.

Silk dresses are extremely popular for proms, debuts, weddings and evening parties. Silk attire is best worn in the afternoon and the evening because silk is a poor conductor of heat and does not lose the heat it gets from the body of the wearer. It is very good for keeping the user warm. It reacts very well to dyeing and can therefore be designed with finely colored prints. Silk drapes itself around rather than clings to the body. That is why it are more appropriate to use for formal gowns and dresses.

Because it is a natural fiber, silk is also safe to use. It does not exude toxic chemicals as do some other synthetic fibers. Silk clothing is therefore, perfect as outing clothes for little babies. They keep the baby warm and comfortable and are perfectly free from contaminants which may harm the baby.

Because it is a natural fiber, it loses some its strength when soaked wet. This is the reason why it shouldn’t be hand-washed but should be sent to the dry cleaner. You may also wash your dress at home if you take the proper precautions. The first thing to do is to wet a small portion of the dress to test whether it is color fast. If it isn’t the dry cleaner is your best option. If it is, merely soak it for about an hour in a cold detergent solution. Rinse thoroughly. Flatten out on a large-enough towel. Roll it up in the towel and gently squeeze the towel to remove excess water. Then hand it up on the clothesline to dry.

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