Shirt Dress – Choosing Your Perfect Dress

If you are wondering if you would look good in a shirt dress, well it will definitely depend on what you like. There are many types of these dresses that are available. These dresses are particularly sold online, where there is a wide variety of designs, colors and sizes to suit the most finicky of clothing shoppers.

Obviously, as the name suggests, these dresses look like a shirt in their basic design. However, don’t believe that because these dresses look like shirts they wear like shirts. There is not one woman that I know who wants to run around her in the mall wearing an unsightly oversized shirt. Let’s look a little bit on the different designs of these amazing dresses and how you should go about choosing the perfect dress with that shirt-like design.

The Conventional Design

These dresses are similar to the shirt for which the dress was designed around. In other words, the conventional or traditional styles are uniquely designed from a range of polo shirts to button down shirts, as well as tuxedo shirts. While there are some designers of these dresses tailor the dresses with the shirt design all the way down the dress, there are other designers who are deeply concerned with button down shirt-like dresses that are carefully fitted with stylish belts.

The Drop Waist Design

This is the other type of dress that you would have to choose from when you go online or to the mall to purchase your shirt dress. The thing is these dresses are designed a little bit different from your regular traditional style, as the seam of these dresses for the waist is dropped below the general area of where the natural waist should be. The other thing is the seam on the dress with the drop waist will fall either between your hip or the top of your thigh depending on how the dress fits you and in particular your height.

Shopping for the Perfect Dress

With these two options before you, I know that you would want to select the dress that is ideal for you and fits you perfectly. While this can be a challenging course of action, it is definitely not an impossible thing to achieve. The very first thing that you will need to do in order to find the perfect dress with a shirt-like design is to research. The truth is there are a number of great stores online that offers a variety of amazing traditional and drop waist styles.

When you find the right store online or at the mall, you shouldn’t buy the first dress shirt that you see. What you know beforehand is your body size and shape. This is another key factor because most designers of dresses are making dresses for specific body sizes and shapes. This leads us to another important point because it makes much sense if you can actually try on the dress before you actually spend your hard earned money. Depending on how the shirt dress fits you, it should leave no doubts in your mind to select and wear that dress.

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