One Piece Swimsuits with Underwire: The Number One Factor to Consider Before You Buy

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With the birth of string bikinis and micro swimsuits for women today, horizontally-challenged women often come face to face with the burden of finding swimwear that can fully support their  full-figure. Thankfully, there are one piece swimsuits with underwire that are readily available today. Underwire bras are beneficial among full figured women. The main idea of having a wire under a bra cup is simply to reinforce the swimsuit and help redistribute the weight load that the material has to bear.

The founder of these bras was Howard Hughes. His team of aeronautical engineers first designed the underwire bra strong enough to provide proper support for the bosom of then actress Jane Russell. And because of its huge success, the rest, as they say is history.

Today, we see various designs of one piece swimsuits with underwire. But do you really need to have one? Essentially, underwire swimsuits or bras are not for everybody since this particular type is not offered below a C-cup. Thus, it is important to try on a few underwire swimsuits to identify if you really need to have one.

Tips for Buying an Underwire Swimsuits

First, try on a one piece swimsuit without an underwire, and then try another that has one. Can you feel any significant difference? If you feel it fits you right and makes you look good, then no doubt, you should have an underwire swimsuit.

For most women, the number one deciding factor when choosing one piece swimsuits with underwire is comfort. When the wire uncomfortably presses against your breast, your underarms, or even your ribs, you might want to seek professional help. That way, they can help you find the right and accurate size ideal for your body frame.

When buying an underwire swimsuit, keep in mind that the cup size should be accurate. As much as possible, your breasts should neither spill out of the sides or on top of the bra cup. Also, if the cup wrinkles, that means you are not fully filing the cup out and should have the next cup size down.  Ideally, the best comfort and fit are those bras with underwire that span its full length on the cup size, ending at your breasts’ outermost parts.

With the right fit, one piece swimsuits with underwire is one good way to be comfortable and feel sexy. When trying on suits, take your time. Seek the professional help of trained clerks if possible, and find the best bathing suits to complement your style.

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