My Favorite Hideaway Beds the Single Divan Beds and Leather Ottoman Bed

When it comes to furnishing the home, we all pretty much need the same things in order to feel comfortable, human, and productive overall. Beds spring to mind (no pun intended, of course), as a good night’s rest is crucial to our overall sense of well being and productivity. Some type of refrigeration is also important, in order to keep our perishables chilled to the proper temperature.

Shower stalls and sink basins make running water a possibility… Can you imagine living without running water? If you can’t, just watch the NatGeo channel, or Current TV’s Vanguard for that matter, and you’ll see plenty of cultures where running water is considered a luxury.

Let’s assume for a moment that you live in a typical living situation, which is to say that you inhabit an apartment or a house type dwelling, which is to not say that you are living in a dorm, or under an overpass near the freeway. What do you consider to be the most important home furnishings to make your life as comfortable as you like it to be? I’ll list some of mine, which always starts and ends with bedding.

I need a comfortable bed, but the term “comfortable”  is extremely subjective. I’ve been sleeping on futons for the better part of 20 years, and would never really consider purchasing any other type of bed, unless I miraculously stumbled into some major coin, in which case I would opt for an uber comfy feather bed. But, many would disagree with my assessment of the futon’s overall comfort level, and would rather have a more traditional type of bed, like a good California King platform bed or an adjustable bed of some type.

Personally, I also prefer a hideaway bed approach, and have become a big fan of the leather ottoman bed. Sleek in design, and out of the way, this bed simply rocks for a guest bed or on nights when the significant other wants you elsewhere. This is not to take away from other hideaways like day beds or single divan beds, but there is something very cool about the ottoman pull-out. These are twin beds on steroids.

Finding the right bed for your home, as with any home furnishing pursuits,  is largely a personal journey, but one worth delving into, in order to discover who you are when it comes to this most important of home furnishings. A little research goes a long way with home furnishings, and a quick and simple search engine query may yield some pretty surprising results.

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