Modified Vehicles Will Attract Higher Premiums for Daily Car Insurance

If you are looking to borrow a car for some reason, and find that the vehicle has been modified, you can rest assured that the insurance company you approach for daily car insurance will also be taking a close look at the vehicle. You will either be told by the insurer to change the car or pay a higher premium on the short-term car insurance policy. This could come as a shock to you, but insurance companies are specific about the terms and conditions for modified vehicles.

No insurer would look to offer auto insurance policies at regular prices to vehicles that may have been modified in any way. They would not be looking only at the power of the engine, but will also take a look at any modifications that may have been made on the body of the vehicle. Insurance companies would add the cost of the modifications to the value of the vehicle before calculating a premium for the policy. In such cases, even if you have a good history at driving you are not likely to be offered an auto insurance policy at affordable prices.

As mentioned earlier, you could either be asked by the insurer to change the vehicle or pay a higher price for the daily car insurance you are looking to purchase. You would stand to benefit by looking change the car as it would save you some money. On the other hand, if you decide that you want to drive the modified vehicle.

You must be prepared to pay the higher premium, as requested for the short term car insurance policy. Insurance companies will not make any concessions in this regard, even if you were to make an application for the insurance by using the online method. Under the circumstances, you would do well to choose a car that does not look modified or expensive before looking to apply for daily car insurance.

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