Mineral Makeup Review: Youngblood vs Neutrogena

Choosing from the plethora of mineral makeup products that are on the market today can be problematic. There are various price ranges to consider and do you get involved in an auto shipping program?

Are the brands available on the high street as good as those advertised on infomercials or vice-versa? Here are two of the product lines that we recommend. Take what you can from this article about these 2 and if you are still not swayed either way, at least you have a few reference points to measure against other products.

Neutrogena Makeup

First up, let’s look at the Neutrogena healthy skin option. This household name has had the word ‘natural’ associated with it for years now, their Neutrogena mineral sheers product certainly lives up to this outlook. The powder which is contained in this compact

is designed to nourish the users skin with time released antioxidants and are also helpful with sun protection with an SPF of 20.

The Neutrogena mineral sheers will create the look of flawlessness while also having the benefit of omitting potentially harmful ingredients such as fragrances and oils. The powder is great for layering and will not leave you with that caked look that you can experience with similar products, it blends with ease into the skins tone when the correct colors are selected.

Neutrogena is a great choice for those who prefer to choose a brand name they can trust, can be found and tried out on the high street, and that also does not cost a pretty penny to purchase.


Youngblood Makeup

Youngblood is another company that has become popular among many women in past years. Fairly young in the industry at only 15 years they have nevertheless made a name for themselves with lots of women including a few famous celebrities. Youngblood reviews have been very positive in nature despite carrying a heavier price tag than many similar brands.

Some of the benefits of Youngbloods products are that they come in both a pressed mineral foundation and also in liquid form. The range of colors is very wide meaning that women who have trouble finding a match for their tone will likely find something in the range to suit, and also, the product is concentrated so a little will last you a long time.

As you likely know, no brand of makeup is guaranteed to be right for all women, you need to test and experiment to find out what will work for you. With that said, both Neutrogena and Youngblood are great places to start experimenting with mineral makeup products.

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