Mens Wedding Rings – Do You Want Moissanite?

One of the best and perhaps one of the most popular options in mens wedding rings is the inclusion of the moissanite gemstone.

Discovered in Arizona, this gemstone does not occur naturally on earth but is found only in the remains of meteors. Originally too small to be considered as a gemstone, this all changed in 1976 when moissanite was manufactured for the first time as a synthetic gemstone. It took another twenty years before they synthetic crystals were of gemstone quality.

Being significantly less expensive does not mean that moissanite is any less of a gemstone. Possessing more of the qualities that people love in a diamond, fire and sparkle and brilliance, this gemstone is the best alternative to a diamond. Most jewelers, without the use of specialized equipment are unable to tell the difference between a moissanite gemstone and a diamond.

Moissanite Wedding Band Ring

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This gem is significantly more brilliant that any other gemstone including diamonds. It does not chip, scratch or fade color. Its hardness is second only to diamonds.

With out costing an arm and a leg or your first born child, a woman can have a stunning engagement ring and matching wedding ring. Men’s wedding rings with moissanite are fast becoming a popular choice as well.

In contrast to a woman’s wedding ring, which is meant to compliment the engagement ring, a man’s wedding ring may be the only piece of jewelry that he wears. A moissanite wedding ring provides just the right amount of ‘look at me’ for a man.

Because this stone can be had for a more reasonable cost, men have a choice of getting a larger center stone or multiple gemstones running along the top of the band.

I have heard of mens wedding rings being the center display with gift basket ideas. Not for me I don’t think.

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