Making Roasted Garlic In The Oven or On the Grill

Although a raw garlic clove is best left alone for health purposes, roasted garlic flavoring is an absolute must for barbeques and dinner events. There are many ways to roast garlic, and each will have their own unique results, so you might have to experiment with each before deciding on your method of choice.

Simple and Effective

There is a very simple and effective way to roast your garlic if you are planning on firing up the barbeque or grill for a sunny outdoor gathering. Two sheets of tin foil and and some olive oil is all you will need for a delicious outcome.

Take raw garlic and peel the skin off of each individual clove using your hands or carefully with a knife – place them on the tin foil and lightly glaze with olive oil, adding salt, pepper and parsley as desired.

You will want the foil to sit at medium heat for about 30 to 45 minutes with occasional flipping, but try to avoid direct contact with any flames. These roasted garlic cloves can easily be mashed into a paste or tossed right onto a plate for guests to munch on with their salads or dinners.

If you are looking for the roasted taste of garlic, but don’t necessarily want to do all of that roasting or grilling, you can easily toss some garlic in the oven for a nearly identical result. You will only need a single layer of foil when heating in the oven, and you might also consider using a small tin or baking sheet to place the garlic and tin foil into.

When baking garlic in the oven, you can often times get some great results from placing the entire bulb into the oven intact. You will want to peel off the skin of the bulb and cut off the pointed top of each clove individually for this process to work, and you will also have to be very careful about applying proper olive oil into the cloves. Whether you decide to separate the cloves or try to bake the bulb whole, you will want to apply olive oil, wrap lightly in tin foil and place in the oven for about thirty minutes at 400 degrees.

Although a plate of roasted garlic might not seem like much on it’s own, you will be amazed at the way steak, chicken, seafood and tons of other meals are enhanced by a few roasted garlic cloves or a smashed paste or sauce that is used as a direct seasoning.

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