Lowering Your Golf Handicap: The Electric Golf Push Cart Way

No, this is not a quick fix to lowering your handicap.  I don’t know that there is one unless you keep your eyes on the ball and your head down.

But there is something that you can do that will help, but it might take awhile.

Let me digress for a moment.  My son is really into golf and has played many Junior PGA tournaments in the past few years.  We live in the north and two years ago, he really got into skiing.  We only have a small ski resort near us, but hours skiing anywhere will improve your ability.  This relates because all those hours of skiing really built up his leg muscles and made his lower body very strong and improved his driving distance tremendously.

Now you don’t have to take up skiing to strengthen your legs.  You can work out, or, for a golfer, what might be far more enjoyable would be to walk the golf course while you golf.  As a junior player, my son has to walk and carry his golf bag for every tournament, so that is how he practices.  But most everyone could probably learn to walk the course.

But you wouldn’t have to carry your bag to strengthen your legs.  A popular answer to ‘who or what carries my bag?’ is the Motorized Golf Caddy.  This is simply an electric golf push cart.  Most of these come with speed controls that allow the golfer to match the speed of the golf cart to his or her own walking pace.  Many of these motorized carts also come with remote controls that allow you to direct the cart to precede you or follow you around the course.  The golfer can direct certain carts from as much as 50 yards away in some cases.

These carts are also powerful enough to manage hilly courses so once you have directed it on its way, you don’t need to do anything but concentrate on your game and enjoy yourself.  Enjoying the game and having fun can have a positive result all in itself.

Lowering your handicap could be an automatic result of walking the course, strengthening your legs and getting in better shape.  Using a powered push cart enables you to focus on your strategy, your club selection and really ENJOY your game and time outside.  Fresh air and exercise can fix many things; your golf game included!

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