Like to Have All Things Harley? Check Out Harley Davidson Bed Sets and More

The Harley Davidson bedding has come on big time. But first a bit of background. Harley-Davidson is popularly known worldwide as the leading supplier and brand name of motorbikes. Often depicted in movies as being used by edgy and fierce-looking bikers (who are often outlaws or gangsters), this has resulted in a somewhat negative image of Harley-Davidson. However, it is quite interesting to note that Harley-Davidson initially manufactured bikes for professional biking races, then later on used by the Army and police officers, which attests to the functionality and over-all performance of a Harley.

Its earlier models have also become synonymous with quality and high performance, which its loyal customers have become accustomed to. However, the company also encountered setbacks in quality with the onset of labor problems in their manufacturing site, resulting to a decrease in sales, but Harley-Davidson managed to bounce back by going back to the original look and quality, pacifying its loyal customers and eventually gaining some new ones.

While the median age of Harley-Davidson loyal customers has declined from below 35 years old in 1987 to 46 years old in 2005, this is compensated by the fact that these customers are very loyal to the brand, to the extent that they have established a big community (almost 1 million members worldwide) and are passing on the tradition to their families. More importantly, they are willing to spend a lot on Harley-Davidson events, clothing and other Harley-Davidson merchandise such as beddings and Harley Davidson jewelry.

Some members are so caught up in the Harley-Davidson lifestyle, that not only do they ride the bike, or wear the jacket with the famous orange and black emblazoned logo, but they have allowed it to invade their homes as well. And we’re not talking about just a wall clock or a piece of rug proudly displayed in the living room or den, I’m referring to an entire bedroom designed the Harley Davidson way!

It has indeed become a way of living to these loyal fanatics, from fitted sheets to comforters or bed skirts to pillow cases or fleece blankets. Cost of a 4-piece set would be about $100, while a queen-size comforter will run up to $200, all depending on the size and quality. A fleece blanket starts at about $10. You may check out the internet for many online shops selling high-quality Harley Davidson bed sets and other bedding. As with any online shopping, check that the merchant has a good reputation among its clients before clicking the “Buy now” button.

Some spouses will not allow their entire bed to be designed this way, though, since they will be sleeping on it as well. They are more willing to apply it on their kids’ rooms instead. And a kid’s room with matching Harley Davidson beddings and other room accessories do make a unique and charming room, not to mention a really “cool” design that your kids would love to show off to his friends. It’s a bit of a compromise between couples, but this way, Harley-Davidson is still very much a part of the family lifestyle, and everybody’s happy.

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