How to Stop a Panic Attack the Easy Way

Panic attacks are unexplainable and, at that time, an uncontrollable fear over something unknown or inexplicable. It is the frequency of these attacks and the unanticipated occurrences that make it so alarming.

Here are simple ways on how to stop a panic attack:


Panic attack symptoms are unique to every person. Some may feel dizzy and suffocated at the same time while others tremble and sweat uncontrollably. You have to be able to remember your own symptoms.

This is useful so that you can easily realize that you are presently going through a panic attack. See, most victims do not even

understand and have difficulty in labeling their present state. They think they would just immediately die without realizing that they are just experiencing a panic attack.


Take note of the frequency of your attacks. How often do you experience them? How long do they last?


You cannot really get these details while you are experiencing a panic attack. So as soon as you recover, you better remember the details of your panic attack. Ask questions to yourself: What triggered the attack? What was I afraid of, worried over, or anxious about? What did you do to overcome the attack? How did it stop? What did you do after it stopped? What feeling overcame you? Were you able to come back to the feeling you had prior to the attack or were you more cautious and uneasy? Scrutinize yourself and investigate the details.


When you think these panic attacks are already severe, it is always better to seek anxiety help. Consult a psychotherapist, or any expert that has knowledge over your distress and deal with it. Sometimes, we think we cannot do it all on our own, so we seek guidance and help from an expert to lead us to our betterment.


Exercise regularly. Go to work earlier and opt to walk the limited distances than to ride a cab (saves you also the extra cost). Take the stairs instead of always taking the elevator. Stretch your muscles. Do not be tied down to your boring chair in the office. Stand up, stretch, walk, or during breaks, you can go chat with your office mates. You will have an opportunity to walk and stretch plus a chance to get to know your office mates better.


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