How to Sterilize Baby Bottles: Choose Among Three Methods

New mothers have two options when deciding how to feed their new-born baby – breast feed or bottle feed. If a mother is lucky enough to be able to choose breast feeding then the use of baby bottles will be minimal.

However, for those who do not or cannot breast feed bottles and anything else that goes into a baby’s mouth must be as clean as possible. Sterilizing is the only way to kill micro-organisms (bacteria & germs) on your baby’s bottles. If you are unsure as to how to sterilize baby bottles, here are the three main methods used today.

Microwave Steam Sterilizers

Microwaves are quick and a microwave steam sterilizer is probably one of the quickest methods, taking just 4 – 8 minutes. Essentially

a large plastic tub is used to steam items clean. With a tightly sealed lid items can remain sterile for up to three hours using this method. Some of the better quality steam sterilizers have removable tray inserts that allow you to stack your baby items inside most efficiently.

Some have a second layer to allow more to be cleaned at one time. A couple of drawbacks with this method are that you need a microwave and you cannot put metal objects into a microwave.

Electric Steam Sterilizers

Straight away an advantage of an electric sterilizer is that you don’t need any other equipment, just a power supply. These products range from simple plastic tubs with a heating element to more sophisticated units with well-designed exteriors, cool touch walls and timers. They look nicer than many other types of sterilizer but they cost more. Again, steam is used and is generated by a heating element inside, much like a food steamer.

A small amount of water is introduced within the unit and the steam produced travels around every nook and cranny sterilizing everything it touches. Taking a little longer at 8 – 15 minutes, an electric sterilizer may be a better choice bearing in mind the potential hazards that boiling water poses.

Boiling Water

The most basic of methods for sterilizing everything is simply boiling water. Something that is submerged in boiling water for at least 30 minutes will be sterile. This simple method is great if you have the time and inclination. Maybe you are trying to be eco-friendly and this back to basics approach works for you. For many though, the time saved with a purpose made product is a big plus.

The best way of how to sterilize baby bottles will depend on you and how it fits into your schedule. There is no method that is better at sterilizing than any other. The main differences are time and aesthetics. If you have the time and you aren’t bothered about how you do it, use a pan of boiling water. If you want a space saving, time saving method, go for either a microwave or an electric option.

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