How to Set-up the Baby Diaper Changing Station

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The baby bedroom should be complete with all things necessary to take care of babies properly. All the bedroom furniture and baby bedroom accessories must be in their respective places to have a convenient space for any baby related activities. In preparation for the set-up of baby diaper changing station, here is the list of what parents should have on hand to handle the job:

1. Place plenty of diapers or cloth diapers near the baby diaper changing station.

2. A good supply of washcloths, cotton balls, and baby wipes. Instead of utilizing bathtub washcloths, provide a separate supply to be used for bottoms only.

3. Enough warm water and baby oil. It is advisable to store warm water in a thermos placed near the changing station before bedtime. It will greatly help on the changing activity during nighttime.

4. Several number of diaper wraps that are rubber-lined to fix in place a cloth diaper.

5. At least a dozen of diaper pins in order to hold the diaper wraps in its place.

6. A diaper cream is useful to ease the baby from diaper rash.

7. Provide a right size of baby powder to give comfort and dry feeling to the baby.

8. A separate change of clothes is necessary just in case there is a need to change the baby’s clothes.

9. Masking tape is necessary whenever there is a need to repair diaper’s adhesive tabs.

10. Provide for a right size of diaper pail secured with airtight lid.

Parents should place all the necessary items needed for diaper changing task within reach. Once babies are placed in the baby diaper changing station, it is unsafe to leave them to run around the room to get what you need.

Always keep the changing items and supplies accessible. However, keep them out of the baby’s reach. The supplies can be stored under the baby diaper changing station shelves or anywhere near which is within reach.

When the primary baby diaper changing station is in placed, a satellite changing station may be established in other appropriate area of the house. Keep a portable changing mat handy and another set of changing supplies for use in the satellite changing stations.

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